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Kemppi Master 315 MMA welder

Kemppi hasannouncedthe launchof theKemppiMaster 315, a new state-of-the-art welding machine for manual metal arc welding (MMAW). The Kemppi Master 315 for premium class MMA welding

K emppi’s state-of-the-art welding machine for MMA welding, the Master 315, includes several new features thatmake it exceptional compared to most MMA welding equipment. Digital andprogrammable, themachine promotes modern usability andpersonalisation, with key benefits coming fromexcellent welding performance and flexibility. The Master 315 is a stylish and practi- cal machine for workshop or on-site use, capable of absorbing the knocks and impacts of everyday welding. Lightweight and compact, this machine is constructed from tough injection-moulded plastic with impact bridge protection structures. TheMaster 315 featureswireless remote control. Via the HR45 Bluetooth hand remote unit welders can control welding power and select memory channels froma distance of up to 100m. This eliminates the need for remote cable repairs and improves worksite safety. Weld Assist for productive welding Kemppi ’s Master 315 comes ready- equipped with a full-colour 7-inch TFT display, where a company logo or favourite image can be uploaded to personalise the screen saver. The easy-to-use buttons and multi-function controlsmake it easy to find the optimal welding parameters for every

Above: Kemppi has announced the launch of a new state-of-the-art Master 315 digital MMA welding machine that offers features usually only associated with premium pulsed GTAW or GMAW welding equipment. Right: Weld Assist for MMAW is a

job. Welders can eithermanually select the settings fromthe panel or allowWeldAssist to select them automatically. Weld Assist for MMAW is a wizard-like function for setting the optimal parameters for each welding task. Using simple on- screen steps, welders can select electrode type, electrode size and joint configuration, enabling Weld Assist to select and set the best available parameters. This guides welders towards accurate, productive welding – andWeld Assist can also be used to create preliminary welding procedure specification (pWPS) documents. Pulsed MMA for welding quality and productivity Kemppi’s Master 315 also features the pulsedMMAwelding process, which brings various benefits for the welder: lower heat input; better control over the welding arc; improved welding speed; cleaner welds and reduced heat deformation. This pre- mium class MMA welding feature is also characterised by reliable ignition, arc stability, and suitability for all electrodes, including cellulosic ones. Memory channels make it easy to set up the machine for customary welding jobs. The MTP35X control panel offers 99 memory channels per process to save the best parameters or WPS values. Stored

wizard-like function for setting the optimal parameters using simple on-screen steps. WPSs can also be copied, deleted or up- dated, as needed. TIG welding with Flexlite TX torches Kemppi’s new Mater 315 can also easily manage basic dc TIGwelding tasks, simply by plugging in a Flexlite TX torch and a shielding gas. Suitablewelding parameters can then be selected and thewelding arc is ready for ignition following a gentle touch on the workpiece. Flexlite TX series TIG torches are for pro- fessional qualitywelding.Model 223GVD134 includes a gas valve for adjusting the shield- inggas flowandahigh-strengthand flexible moulded silicone handle that minimises wrist loading, reducing welder fatigue and improving comfort.

Fume extraction welding gun enhances welder safety Kemppi’s Flexlite GF MIGwelding torches with built-in fume extraction offer im- proved levels of welding safety. “We want to do our utmost to design prod- ucts that improve work performance and provide the welders with the best protection for their occupational health and safety,” says Florian Hegemann of Kemppi. handle, which further improves welding ergonomics. Another GC accessory is a rotatable neck to give easier access to challenging workpieces. Also in the Flexlite GF MIG welding torch product family is the Flexlite GF fume-extraction, which guarantees ef- ficient fume extraction by collecting welding fumes as soon as they are gener- ated and before they reach the welder’s breathing zone. As thewelding fumes are collected directly from the gun nozzle, this torch provides the entire workshop team with a safer environment. Kemppi FlexliteGFandGCMIGwelding guns are designed with welder fatigue and ergonomics in mind. The Flexlite GF MIGwelding torchoffers excellent balance to reduce wrist loading, while the Flexlite GC’s are equipped with a flexible coaxial cable enabling these torches to be ac- cessorised with a detachable pistol grip All Kemppi fume extraction guns and their extraction efficiencies have been measured in accordance with the new

standard ISO 21904-3, to which Kemppi was among the first to be certified. As the welding fumes are collected directly from the gun nozzle, the Kemppi Flexlite GF fume-extraction torch provides the entire workshop team with a safer environment.


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