Capital Equipment News April 2019

Kuzer is able to manoeuvre optimally in tough and narrow roads with its short turning radius.

Health Monitoring, whereby the system automatically alerts a UD dealer when a potential problem arises. Preventative Maintenance Planning forms the basis of uptime, keeping the service plan updated and ensuring that a truck comes to the workshop at the right time. It also features advanced onboard diagnostics, which allows UD Trucks technicians to monitor a truck’s health remotely. This means that any maintenance is done proactively, keeping a fleet’s trucks on the road. With productivity in mind, with its 8 999 kg GVW, the Kuzer offers maximum payload. The GVW is also designed to post the truck in a class where it is allowed to exceed the 80 km/hour stipulation on heavy duty trucks, thereby maximising productivity for customers. The lightweight DOMEX chassis provides better stability at high speeds, and the wider frame makes tight manoeuvres easy. “The robust chassis also ensures Driver comfort The new Kuzer was designed with the driver in mind. This is based on UD Trucks’ understanding that a comfortable driver is a productive one. “Drivers were the focus in the development of Kuzer. Fitted with air-conditioning, cruise control and 6-speed manual gearbox, Kuzer is a flexible fit for urban driving. Wider doors and bigger and more equipped cabs allow for easy access and operation, even for drivers who spend the whole day on the roads,” says Schulz. Kuzer is able to manoeuvre optimally in tough and narrow roads with its short turning radius. A polyurethane soft-touch steering wheel facilitates a more comfortable grip, and an ergonomically designed gear lever takes the strain off regular shifting. The steering wheel is also tiltable and telescopic, meaning less muscle use during awkward manoeuvring. “With transmission developed for high maximum speed and smooth gear-shifting, a 6-speed gearbox reduces driver fatigue via its subtle functionality. Optimised gear ratios result in better transfer of torque in every gear, which when coupled with the overall vehicle system, help to deliver improved torque to the wheels,” says Schulz. “Distribution can be a tough shift. With the usual list of durability and reliability, even on challenging rural roads to deliver essentials such as bread to outlying communities,” says Schulz.

deadlines and appointments to clear, the cab can become more than a second home. At 2,1 m, the Kuzer cab expands the driver’s working horizons. Offering extra space and comfort, it greatly reduces fatigue on those long days behind the wheel. With the largest cab in its class, Kuzer provides a more comfortable and safer driver environment,” says Schulz. “We believe in putting people first. That’s why these driver- focused features were included in Kuzer to improve visibility and ventilation, enhance collision safety and reduce driver fatigue as much as possible,” concludes Swanepoel. b


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