Capital Equipment News April 2019

Largest Doosan excavator for South Africa

“Our customers are also impressed with the fuel-efficiency of the ma- chine. The new DX800LC-5B engine, with enhanced power and durability, offers cost-efficient performance and low maintenance requirements. Added to this, our customers note the conve- nience of being able to easily select the appropriate operating mode for various work environments. The boom/ swing priority control facility enables the operator, at the touch of a button, to control operating modes for comfort- able and productive operation.” Doosan’s recently launched D-Eco- power+ intelligent hydraulic system delivers best in-class productivity. The new electronic main pump accurately calculates the amount of pump flow required for each actuator, ensuring faster operation and optimum produc- tivity, also preventing unnecessary fuel loss. Fuel saving technologies include Smart Power Control (SPC) and a highly-efficient cooling system. The SPC allows the machine to provide optimised control for engine speed and torque, based on different workloads, thereby reducing unnecessary fuel con- sumption. This is enhanced by a larger radiator for greater capacity and faster cooling speeds. b 777G, which replaces the 777F, focuses on fuel efficiency, enhanced visibility, operator comfort, convenience and safety. The new 777G’s Cat C32 ACERT en- gine delivers 1 025 gross horsepower (765 kW) and incorporates a number of fuel-conservation features. Auto Neu- tral Idle allows the 777G transmission to intermittently shift to neutral when the truck is idling in a forward gear to avoid stalling the torque converter and increasing engine speed. Engine Idle Shutdown, an opera- tor-selected feature, stops the engine when the truck idles in park for more than a preset interval. Speed Limiting provides an alternative to gear-limit- ing the 777G by allowing the truck to travel at a more fuel-efficient engine speed and in a more efficient trans- mission gear. Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) transmission controls boost fuel effi- ciency by maintaining momentum and

The new DX800LC-5B tracked excavator has an operating weight of 78 500 kg.

Doosan’s DX800LC-5B tracked excavator series, launched in early in 2018, is being well-received by the local market, particu- larly the mining sector. “The new DX800LC-5B tracked excavator – with an operating weight of 78 500 kg – is currently the largest machine in the Doosan range of con- struction and mining equipment. The machine has been designed for high productivity, fuel efficiency, minimal downtime and greater safety in harsh

operating conditions,” says Darrel Holton, MD, DISA Equipment (Pty) Ltd T/A Doosan, part of the Capital Equip- ment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “The DX800LC-5B has a re-designed structure, with a heavy-duty front and improved undercarriage. It has been fitted with many customised compo- nents that ensure continuous operation in arduous environments with minimum to no downtime,” he adds.

Redesigned G Series carries on 777 legacy

Rated payload for the new 777G is 89,4 t with a standard-body volume (SAE 2:1) of 64,1 m³.

The new Cat ® 777G off-highway truck builds on the legacy of performance, reliabil- ity and long-term durability established by 777 models since 1977, both in mining and

large earthmoving applications. Rated payload for the 777G is 89,4 tonnes with a standard-body volume (SAE 2:1) of 64,1 m³. The design of the


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