Capital Equipment News December 2022

fuel costs, financing, labour, insurance, maintenance and repair. The lower cost of remanufactured parts is the reason that they are becoming increasingly popular. But the laurels of sustainability shouldn’t be underestimated. “Remanufactured parts reduce the energy used to make new products. One of the benefits of remanufactured parts is energy conservation, as these parts are meant to reduce carbon emissions compared to newer units,” adds Kingsley. The price point and reduced carbon emissions are sitting favourably with Volvo clients, and Kingsley mentions that dealers are becoming well-versed in selling remanufactured parts as an option. “This is achieved through the dedicated material and eLearning that we make available to our staff,” Kingsley says. Sustainable solutions Remanufactured parts might be a suitable investment if you are facing the breakdown of a critical component. The first would be cost, but quality also ranks high. For Volvo Trucks, remanufactured parts meet OEM standards for performance and always come with a warranty. “The warranty on remanufactured parts is the same as for any Volvo Trucks part. Two years if fitted in a Volvo workshop and one year when purchased over the counter,” adds Kingsley. Remanufactured parts also have a much lower impact on the environment since they require less raw materials, energy, and water in the production process. It is one of the significant reasons remanufactured parts are allowed prominence, as environmental concerns are increasing daily. A newly produced part is made using 100% new raw material, whereas a remanufactured part only uses 15% raw materials since most of the material comes from the core (the faulty part). “Using remanufactured parts also saves energy, reduces landfill waste, and it means that dangerous residuals inside worn components are taken care of,” says Eric Parry, sustainable solutions manager at Volvo Trucks South Africa. “The process of remanufacturing, which is labour intensive, can also be seen as sustainable from a societal perspective as it creates demand for high-skilled jobs,” he adds. In addition to quality and lower cost, remanufactured parts can also be a quick fix compared to repair, thanks to their growing popularity and availability. In fact, choosing a remanufactured part


Remanufactured parts use around 15% raw materials, while new parts require 100% of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Volvo Trucks wants to grow the remanufactured parts business by 10%.

Some remanufactured parts can be 50% less expensive than new parts.

It is usually a good idea to replace heavier components with remanufactured parts as these tend to be more expensive.


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