Capital Equipment News December 2022


Sprinter Inkanyezi offers improved taxi safety

The taxi industry is the lifeblood of commuting in South Africa, and

The van is noted for its durability and dependability to reduce downtime. On top of that it also offers comfort and spa ciousness for drivers and passengers. The inside of the Inkanyezi offers convenient grab handles for commuters and a driv er’s-side parcel. The partnership allows operators to purchase a Sprinter Inkanyezi without a deposit, instead, there’s a fixed monthly instalment on each van purchased. Marinus Venter, the head of Product and Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Vans SA says, “At Mercedes-Benz Vans, we believe in entrepreneurial excellence. Therefore, we aim to champion our South African entrepreneurs within the taxi industry through this customised financing option.” Venter explains the purpose behind the tailor-made taxi finance plan, saying, “Ac cess to start-up capital, such as a deposit

Mercedes-Benz Vans announced a new partnership with participating dealers and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services to create a no-deposit taxi finance plan for operators to purchase a Sprinter Inkanyezi . With the deal, Mercedes-Benz Vans offers operators and commuters leading safety features. The Sprinter Inkanyezi represents decades of safety innovation and research, ensuring that it is one of the safest vehicles on the market. The Inkanyezi has explicitly been designed for the South African taxi industry. The rear-wheel drive Inkanyezi delivers power while being shy on fuel consumption. This combination can directly impact the taxi industry’s profitability thanks to reduced fuel consumption. Following Shoprite’s acquisition of Scania Euro 5 vehicles fuelled by battery-electric power, the launch in South Africa of Scania’s battery-electric vehicles (BEV) holds the potential to reinvigorate the transport industry. Not only do they provide the solution to the damage fossil fuels are inflicting on the environment, but they also present a sub stantial opportunity for transport operators to benefit from less volatile energy costs and increased efficiencies. “Electrification marks a new era for the transport industry,” explains Mark Tem pleton, Sustainability Manager, Scania Southern Africa. “Scania has passed several milestones on our electrification roadmap and we are confident we can offer our customers a credible alternative to ICE vehicles.” Scania is leading the charge to electri fication in partnership with South African retailer Shoprite. This follows Shoprite’s recent acquisition of many Scania Euro 5 vehicles delivering industry-leading fuel efficiencies. Shoprite will become the first retailer to pilot a heavy-duty electric truck with the pilot scheduled to launch in Cape Town at the end of November 2022. This will be followed by further intro ducing BEVs to customers in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Based on classic Scania cornerstones such as modularity, sustain ability and total operating economy, the Scania Battery Electric Vehicle is 100% electric and requires no fossil fuels. It also

for a vehicle, is often one of the greatest hindrances to starting a business. With this zero-deposit initiative, we hope to encourage new entrepreneurs to hit the road whilst helping those already in the industry to expand and improve their oper ations and customer experience.” b

Gauteng and KZN next in line for Scania’s battery-electric vehicles

emits zero carbon dioxide. The refrigerated truck can hold around 16 pallets, has nine batteries and has solar panels fitted to its roof. The vehicle’s battery packs to power a fully electric cooling system. With a range of approximately 350-kilometres, the vehicle will be used for local deliveries and re charged using renewable energy generated by Shoprite’s existing solar installations. For customers who require charging infrastructure, Scania has selected a local BEV charging company with already established technical expertise, a thorough understanding of local legislation and an in-depth knowledge of South Africa’s electricity grid to ensure best-practice charging infrastructure. Shoprite will lease this charging solution at the outset. “As the market evolves, Scania Southern Africa plans to offer an integrated charging

solution built around the national energy mix,” adds Templeton. Scania’s Cape Town dealership has already incorporated elec trification services into its product portfolio and will become a certified VCB service site to service battery electric vehicles by the end of November 2022. “To drive the shift to sustainable transport solutions, we are working with like-minded customers who have the same ambition and commitment as we do to create a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment. We look forward to partnering with Shoprite on this journey that promises to be the beginning of South Africa’s journey to electrified transport. We anticipate more and more customers joining the shift as they too embark on their journey to electrification and its substantial benefits,” says Templeton. b


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