Capital Equipment News February 2023

The Cat 24 Motor Grader was and continues to be a game-changer for maintenance efficiency of the wide haul roads necessary for ultra-class trucks. We thank the many global mining operations and dedicated Cat dealers around the world for their loyalty to the Cat 24 grader.

Caterpillar executives and the motor grader production team with the 1000 th unit of the Cat 24 Motor Grader in September 2022. It cemented Cat motor graders as a historic brand and shined a spotlight on the versatility of the Cat Motor Grader line-up.

as eliminates the need for daily removal. Removing the masts and cables deliver maximum productivity and a full range of motion for the moldboard. The Cat GRADE with 3D system delivers accuracy and efficiency while improving productivity. By offering automatic blade control, the system reduces manual operator inputs and allows operators to be more productive. E-Fence comes from the factory for Cat GRADE with 3D. When activated, E-Fence prevents the mouldboard from contacting the tires

and ladder and prevents the circle from potentially damaging the link bar. The Cat 140, 150 and 160 motor graders are the first models equipped with the new mastless Cat GRADE with 3D. b


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