Capital Equipment News February 2023


The Shumani Industrial Equipment head office.

Reducing downtime with full maintenance lease equipment

Shumani Industrial Equipment has carved out a segment of the capital equipment market by providing long-term full maintenance leases on a variety of equipment. For business owners, developers as well as companies within construction or mining, it allows peace of mind over reliable uptime of equipment where all equipment maintenance is covered, without having to invest in fleet ownership, writes Adriaan Roets .

F lexibility is the main attraction of what Shumani Industrial Equip ment offers. From a variety of equipment with full-maintenance lease agreements to leasing the equipment for a short time or in the long term, the flexibility provides the industry with choice during uncertain times. “We’re witnessing a resurgence in growth as the economy is starting to grow, albeit at a slow pace,” says Victor Nemukula, MD at Shumani Industrial Equipment.

“Key customers continue to be an important focus as they invariably have long-term contracts that take advantage of the full range of backup and technical support service we can offer.”

Victor Nemukula, MD at Shumani Industrial Equipment



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