Capital Equipment News February 2023


The future of the forklift industry is electric. We are already seeing a gradual move away from internal combustion engines. Over time, only electric forklifts will operate across the breadth of the economy.

Shumani is the largest black-owned and managed industrial equipment supplier in South Africa

Shumani allows lease buyers to have contact with their service department, to ensure machines are always up and running

There has been growth in the demand for electric forklifts in South Africa

existing fleets as the economy makes a return. Shedding light on leasing Shumani Industrial Equipment is a 51% black-owned and managed industrial equipment supplier. It offers solutions for forklifts and materials handling, cleaning, access, and compact construction equipment, as well as engines, generators, agricultural equipment, and compressed air solutions. What has made Shumani unique is that it offers full

Load shedding is having a huge impact on the total uptake of equipment in general. Companies are spending their capital budget on solar technology to minimise the impact of power cuts on their production

In spite of Covid-19 and the latest bouts of load shedding, South Africa is continuing to grow. Since the pandemic, there has been a marked improvement in business activity

locally, and Nemukula believes the leasing of equipment is more favourable in the current climate after companies froze their equipment spending in 2020 and now have to replace or upgrade

maintenance lease agreements. These agreements include any

maintenance support required during the leasing period, and this is based on a


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