Capital Equipment News February 2023

The test screen in the laboratory at Kwatani is used for various component screening.

A Kwatani rectangular separator is typically used for high-volume screening.

Kwatani round separators are typically used for low-volume screening.

Relevant screening technology is going to be a vital contributor to recycling

needs, so we can design and manufacture a screen that is fit for purpose,” he says. “This expertise extends across a range of material and commodities – making us familiar with how different products respond to screening.” The company’s testing laboratory is where investigations tend to start, and customers can witness how their material performs under different screening conditions. Mann explains that a machine used to screen corrosive products like crushed batteries would need to be built from specialised materials of construction, for example. There are also materials that tend to clog the screening surface, so a self-cleaning kit may be required. “No matter what the material is to be recycled, Kwatani is well placed to test how it responds to a range of screening options, and to make recommendations to customers,” he concludes. “The testing we conduct will give recyclers valuable insights into how best to proceed, by avoiding the trial-and-error method that costs them more in terms of time, effort and resources.” b

Characteristics of products that the industry wants to recycle are often irregular and difficult to screen

If you want to screen industrial waste in a commercially sustainable way are unlikely to find an off-the-shelf screen design to do this

Kwatani is well placed to test how recyclable material responds to a range of screening options, and to make recommendations to customers



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