Capital Equipment News February 2023


S afety is achieved through the different equipment Eazi Access has on offer. Within the equip ment range, it has aerial lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehan dlers, and low-level access lifts ensuring workers are lifted safely and efficiently. Within the industry, this lifting equipment is commonly referred to as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) which have multi ple benefits, and are available to customers on a rental or sale basis. The world of MEWPs MEWPs are safe, manoeuvrable and time saving machines used to lift workers into spaces they otherwise would not be able to reach. MEWPs are used on both indoor and outdoor worksites to eliminate the risk of accidents associated with climbing, lifting, and even falling on the job. The need to keep workers safe while accessing high areas is common between many different sectors, making MEWPs versatile and universally needed. They are also flexible between different tasks on the same project. They can be easily adjusted for different heights, and some are even designed for use on smooth and rough terrains. This makes a worksite more accessible by increasing the workers’ reach, whether they’re in a warehouse, at a mine, on a

The key to providing safe working environments at height Eazi Access is one of Africa’s market leaders in the rental, sales, servicing and training of work-at-height and material handling solutions. The company has a strict commitment to safety, reliability and productivity across its work and the industries it serves. This has resulted in Eazi Access partnering with trusted OEMs, JLG and LindeMaterial Handling, to provide safe working environments.

“Renting MEWPs for hard-to-access jobs can save money by increasing productivity across the worksite.”

Blaize Wulfsohn, Eazi Access GM



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