Capital Equipment News June 2019

The Gehl TX 408’s oscillating rear axle ensures excellent stability and traction for the operator.

Key specs Model

Lifting height




Hydraulic flow rate

MXT 840 / TX408

86,4 ℓ /min

7,6 m

4 t

Torque converter

95 hp

and subways, along with residential and commercial construction projects in developing markets. The projects contribute to the construction industry’s current economic health throughout the world. Bonnaure reasons that emerging markets are certainly catching up with the progress of the developed economies and according to many analysts they will catch up to many developed economies by 2020. This of course will cause a significant shift in the balance of power across the global economy and will represent vast new opportunities for domestic and international businesses. For example, he notes that China, India and Asia at large have a population of 3-billion people. As has been the case for a good few years now, China – the second largest economy in the world – is gaining ground on the United States. India is projected to overtake the UK by 2020 to become the fifth largest economy in the world, while its economy recently surpassed China’s to become the world’s fastest growing large economy. India will also invest more in construction than the United States in the next three years. Elsewhere, Africa’s population is expected to double to 2,2-billion by 2050.

Manitou group has launched its new Manitou MXT 840 and Gehl TX 408 telehandler models specifically designed for emerging markets

The telehandler market is expected to grow its value 17 times than its current value to 60 000 units in Asia, Middle East and Africa in the next 10 years


4 t

With a 7,6 m lifting height for a maximum capacity of 4 t, the Manitou MXT 840 and the Gehl TX 408 telehandlers are particularly suitable for building construction

7,6 m

With a high ground clearance of 39 cm, the MXT 840 and the TX 408 are especially designed to tackle difficult terrain in all weather conditions

39 cm



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