Capital Equipment News September 2016

DLA range ups Doosan’s SA share

Doosan reports that it has significantly increased its position in the South African wheel loader market following the launch of its DLA wheel loader series in the local market some three years ago. The DLA series comprises five wheel loaders – DL200A, DL250A, DL300A, DL420A and DL 550A – with bucket capacities between 2 and 4,5 m³. The machines are powered by Doosan Tier 2 engines, said to be less sensitive to fuel quality than Tier 3 engines, yet still offer reduced fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Doosan’s DLA Series machines come with a four-gear transmission and clutch cut off via a brake pedal. The transmission has three modes of operation – manual, automatic (automatic shift for all gears) and semi-automatic (automatic with a ‘kick down’ for first gear). A large capacity transmission oil cooler ensures stable op- eration of the transmission. The DL300A and DL420A units, which are widely used in local conditions, have the flexibility to handle diverse applications, including the loading and transporting of granular materials, as well as bulk loads. The DL300A wheel loader is powered by an 8 ℓ Doosan DE08TIS engine delivering 156 kW

The Doosan DLA Series is ideal for diverse applications including the loading and transporting of granular materials, as well as bulk loads.

Metal reinforced brake discs are integrated into the planetary reduction gears in the hubs where the rotation speed is lower. As a result, discs are exposed to lower rpm and heat generation is reduced. This ensures improved machine stability, extended hours of operation and reduced maintenance requirements. For user convenience, brake disc wear can be measured without disassembling the hub. b

at 2 100 rpm, while the DL420A comes with a 11  ℓ  Doosan DE12TIS engine producing 210  kW at 2 100 rpm. The high strength drawbar pull at the wheels is reinforced by limited slip ZF differentials as standard equipment. This automatically ensures maximum tractive effort and easy driving over soft, muddy ground. This feature also reduces the risk of skidding and prevents exces- sive tyre wear.

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