Capital Equipment News September 2016


The Volvo P4820D ABG comes with paving widths from 2 m to 6,5 m.

Key specifications

“The paver comes with an advanced EPM 3 system meant to optimise the machine for specific applications.”


Volvo P4820D ABG

Basic paving width

2,5 m

Max paving width

6,5 m

Max paving thickness

300 mm

Paving output

500 t/h

Hopper capacity

12,5 t

well down from the 30 to 45 minutes on the predecessor range. When heating, the paver runs at 1 300 rpm, way lower than the machine’s 2 200 rpm maximum. Apart from fuel economy, lower rpm translates into a quieter working environ- ment, allowing the machine to be deployed on residential jobsites. The AP600F has a standard paving width of 2,5 to 5 m, which can be extended to 6,5 m with the SE50 V screed and to 8 m with the SE50 VT. With the SE60 V, maximum paving width can be extended to 7,65 m. Jack of all trades Earlier this year, Volvo CE used Bauma Munich to launch its new compact P4820D ABG said to come with features often seen in larger Volvo pavers, allowing it to handle both smaller inner- city jobs and bigger intercity projects. With paving widths from 2 to 6,5 m, the P4820D ABG is a versatile paver that can be deployed on an array of applications such as walkways, parking areas, private drives, inner and intercity roads, gravel roads, national roads and even highways. The larger hopper capacity translates into uninterrupted material supply, keeping

the paver moving at a constant speed and reducing stop and starts for a smoother finish. A hydraulic front apron assists with emptying the front area of the hopper to avoid spillage and manual cleaning. The paver comes with an advanced Electronic Paver Management (EPM 3) system meant to optimise the machine for specific applications and increase overall machine control, leaving the operator to focus on the job at hand. Its settings man- ager feature allows the operator to store and save customised settings for individ- ual projects. When undertaking identical paving projects, the operator can recall saved parameters within the EPM 3, sim- plifying the initial machine set-up to begin paving quickly. Once paving is under way, fine-tuning can be made to optimise per- formance and productivity. The new Volvo electronic intelligent system on the P4820D ABG features the default Eco Mode which matches engine output during paving, thereby extending engine and component life. Eco Mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, while the EPM 3 monitors average fuel consumption, shows fuel usage and remaining fuel run time. b


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