Chemical Technology October 2016

GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS ToYour SpecificBulkMaterialConveying Problem

FLEXI-DISC ™ TubularCableConveyors Convey fragile bulk foods and non-foods gently • Slide fragilematerials gently through smooth stainless steel tubing using low- friction polymer discs attached to stainless or polymer-coated stainless cable • Prevent separation of blends • Short to long distances • Durable discs in100 and150mm diameters • Available CIP accessories • Single ormultiple inlets/outlets can be removed/relocated and the cable-disc circuit lengthened/shortened/re-routed •Minimal power usage • Evacuatesmaterial,minimisingwaste and cleaning time

FLEXICON ™ Flexible ScrewConveyors Convey free- and non-free- flowing bulkmaterials at low cost • Convey free-flowing and difficult-to-handle materials that pack, cake, seize or smear • Prevent separation of blends • Convey short tomedium distances • Conveyor routing at any angle, through small holes inwalls or ceilings • Only onemoving part contactsmaterial • Fast disassembly, thorough cleaning • Stationary ormobile units, including tilt-downmodels • Economical to purchase, install, operate andmaintain • Single ormultiple discharge points •Minimal power usage • 3-A andUSDA compliant or industrialmodels

PNEUMATI-CON ™ PneumaticConveying Systems • Single-point “up-and-in” installations to cross- plant systemswithmultiple pick-up and discharge points and automated controls • Positive pressure and vacuum dilute phase systems completewith blowers, rotary airlock valves, pick-up adapters, filter receivers, cyclones, fill/pass valves,wands andweigh batching controls • Short to long distances •Wide capacity range—feed small packaging lines to silos and railcars • Single ormultiple inlet and discharge points • Total evacuation of supply vessel and the conveyor line for accurateweighments, minimalwaste and easy cleaning Convey free-flowingmaterials short to long distances

Stand-aloneunits toweighbatching configurations toautomatedplant-wide systems backedby Flexicon’s Lifetime PerformanceGuarantee*

See the full range of fast-payback equipment at Flexible Screw Conveyors, Tubular Cable Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Bulk BagUnloaders, Bulk Bag Conditioners, Bulk Bag Fillers, BagDump Stations,Drum/Box/Container Tippers,Weigh Batching and Blending Systems, and Automated Plant-Wide BulkHandling Systems

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