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PLANT MAINTENANCE 18 Pressure relief device monitoring: How to detect releases, leaking and fugitive emissions Every country has regulations to protect industrial plants and facilities against overpressure in various processes and operations. In the US, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) provide detailed information on best practices for overpressure protection. Information provided by Emerson Process INNOVATION 26 • Using nature’s own solvents for the preparation of pure lignin • Innovative passively cooled instrumentation shelters • Flash of brilliance: CALIPSO satellite marks ‘First Light’ • New class of fuel cells offer increased flexibility, lower cost 22 Focus on plant maintenance

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30 Spotlight on SAIChE IChemE/SAIChE IChemE News

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PUMPS AND VALVES 5 Coal, pump design and smart maintenance

The complexity of a coal preparation plant varies according to the nature of the raw material, the requirements for the end product and the local regulations around water use and waste production. Information provided by Weir Minerals Africa

8 Focus on pumps and valves

and the Southern African Association of Energy Efficiency

WASTE MANAGEMENT 10 Treatment of radioactive gaseous waste

This article focuses on the treatment of radioactive gaseous waste streams arising from the operations in fuel fabrication facilities, nuclear power plants, fuel reprocessing facilities and waste processing facilities. IAEA document edited by Carl Schonborn, Pr Eng

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14 Focus on waste management


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