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• Company entering: Roelof Rabe Argitekte • Client: Stellenbosch University • Main Contractor: WBHO Construction • Architect: Roelof Rabe Argitekte

• Principal Agent: Henry Fagan Consulting • Project Manager: Henry Fagan Consulting • Quantity Surveyor: HKQS • Consulting Engineer: LTS Heath Laboratory Design specialists


T he scope was comprehensive and multifaceted and multi-phased. It aimed to create a cutting edge research facility that would serve as a hub for biomedical research and innovation, encompassing a wide range of disciplines within the medical and health sciences field. The project originated from the need to refurbish the existing FISAN building. To do so, it was needed to decant many highly specified research laboratories. Instead of temporarily decanting these facilities, it was decided to permanently move them over to a new building right in front of the FISAN building. The architecture of the BMRI is characterised by seamless integration of form and function. The building's exterior features a blend of modernist and contemporary design elements, with clean lines, expansive glass facades, and a harmonious combination of concrete, steel, and glass. This design not only imparts a sense of transparency and openness but also allows for ample natural light, creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for researchers and visitors alike. The brief from the

client was to renovate and enlarge the existing Fisan Building at the Tygerberg Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to accommodate current users as well as projected growth. As most of the existing laboratory and research environments operate on a 24 h basis, it was of utmost importance that the sequence of the works be planned properly and be integrated into the design to minimise the impact on current operations. The conservative analysis the need for an additional 16 000 m. The brief also included a new state of the art automated -80º storage facility and a large BSL3 Facility. The proposal from the Architects was to add as Phase 1, a new building In front of the existing Fisan and move some of the research divisions, including their anticipated growth areas, into the new building permanently. The spaces in the existing building, could then be vacated and upgraded as a second and third phase. Phase 2 Levels 4 and 5 moved over to the new building and refurbishment for the top 3 floors and new plantrooms on the roof. It Includes a new

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