Construction World March 2023


CITI-CON’S WORK FOR ZENPROP OUTSHINES Citi-Con proposed and implemented an innovative solution to waterproof and protect the metal roof of an industrial premises against corrosion. Under normal conditions, the Alumanation 301 system provides up to 12 years of protection before a recoat is required, significantly reducing maintenance costs for the property owner.

C iti-Con is a leading approved applicator of Alumanation 301. The company’s workmanship at The Brinks on 42 Electron Avenue, Isando, Kempton Park, is a sound example of why StonCor Africa Tremco decided to appoint Citi-Con as one of its approved applicators. “All of our approved applicators undergo an extensive screening process and training to ensure that they are equipped with the skills that they need to work with our technology. Over the years, StonCor Africa Tremco has nurtured a long professional working relationship with Citi-Con, which continues to deliver workmanship of an outstanding quality. A case in point is the company’s more recent project at The Brinks. Based on the professional service that Citi-Con delivered there, I am confident that its client will derive maximum benefit from Alumanation 301,” David Cronje, Technical Sales Representative of StonCor Africa Tremco, says. Alumanation 301 has been used to protect metal roofs for more than 30 years and has, therefore, been proposed by Citi-Con as an alternative to standard aluminium coatings to restore metal, built-up or modified bitumen roofs. The technology continues to provide effective rust protection and waterproofing in harsh environments. Alumanation 301 is a high-solids, asphalt-based, asbestos-free coating that deploys a unique fibre reinforcement technology. Notably, Alumanation 301 also contains 15% metal. This is double the ASTM standard for premium aluminium roof coatings. The technology,

therefore, provides greater durability and reflectivity. As much as 60% of the sun’s rays can be reflected with this system, reducing below-roof temperatures and energy use of buildings dramatically. It is, therefore, a very suitable solution for metal, built-up or modified bitumen roof applications that require high reflectivity at an economical cost. Due to its high aluminium content and short, non-asbestos fibres, a more consistent coating application is also possible. Moreover, it can be applied quickly and easily, enabling Citi-Con to maintain high productivity levels to mitigate the impact of its operations on daily activities at its worksites. After power-washing the roof, only minimal preparation, including the application of Geogard Seam sealer where necessary, is required. Because it is self-priming, only a single coat needs to be applied on the surface of the roof. In this case, Citi Con applied Alumanation 301 by brush as there were cars parked below. Moreover, the system remains suspended and, therefore, less time is spent agitating. There is also no “tear-off” that needs to be landfilled. This supports Citi-Con’s preference for materials that mitigate the impact of its work on the environment. The project was undertaken on behalf of Zenprop Holdings, one of the country’s largest property investment and development companies. Citi-Con has successfully completed about 15 waterproofing and maintenance projects for Zenprop Holdings over the years.


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