Construction World March 2023

ability to be bespoke from a cost management perspective - we always work with the project as the client is not necessarily always be aware of certain factors that may impact upon the project. The project is always our driver,” explains Bayne. “The fact that we have very specific industry experts on our team helps us to be prescriptive about budgets. Because we have the team that we have, we can draw value from an item by item basis and because we have architects and engineers as project managers, we can look at specifications and can suggest more economical local alternatives that achieve the same performance and aesthetic value. Having professionals on the team that have worked in design and engineering enables us to interrogate specifications and this accelerated the value added by challenging aspects,” says Bayne. To further enhance its transparency, Nuvo Consulting uses various technologies for progress and management reports such as the use of hard hat cams and live feed cameras. For the consulting industry not to lose ground to design and build projects, Bayne says that it has to insert itself to maintain governance, transparency and professionalism. Procurement Nuvo Consulting offers procurement and Bayne says this is what unlocked the Liberty project as it showed the client that they could look at the project differently in terms of how the project is packaged. “Liberty had a large requirement around procurement and procurement governance. Our procurement solution was tailored to answer all those governance requirements. Transparency in terms of how we procure for a client is something we won’t waiver on – this goes back to our mission and vision of Bayne says that an entrepreneurial spirit in the consulting industry is critical, especially is the African context. “The industry is very competitive at the moment - to a degree that it is almost cutthroat. Clients are taking advantage of the fact that the industry is trying to re-establish itself after the pandemic and want the maximum for their money. If you are not entrepreneurial, not lean and not able to think outside the box how to best deliver while still making your margins, smaller outfits will lose ground. If Nuvo Consulting did not know the market, was not entrepreneurial and did not take incredible risks, we would not have done Liberty,” concludes Bayne.  getting repeat business,” says Bayne. Entrepreneurial spirit is key

An example of this is the project Nuvo Consulting recently completed for Liberty. “Nuvo was the project, cost and construction management consultants of the new Liberty Building. This included design, gutting, re-engineering of services and installing new workspaces at Liberty’s Braamfrontein Campus: 44 000 m 2 , over five floors that was delivered in 150 days,” says Bayne. Despite difficult deliverables,

this project was delivered on time – and on budget. “We advised on the most effective and efficient way to execute the project, embedded due diligence, good governance protocols for the project and added a transparency factor for the client,” adds Bayne. “Even though we cut our teeth in Africa and are still busy on the continent we are keen to add more South African work to our portfolio. The Liberty project illustrated the boutique approach which ensured successful outcomes through calculated risks and focused execution,” says Bayne. A vast array of industries Nuvo Consulting has worked in a vast array of industries. “One of our core industries is hotels and hospitality. We are currently one of Radisson group’s preferred project management teams and have worked on a programme of Radisson’s around the continent. For this we have an hotels and hospitality team. We are currently busy on six hotels in Africa and are starting to get owner operator hotels too,” says Bayne. When it comes to fit out projects, we have done various office projects around the continent over the last eight years. Nuvo Consulting has worked as turnkey contractor on a consolidation project for the Unilever offices in 2019 which was our true entry into the local market and which, together with other head offices that we did in the region, led to us doing Liberty project,” says Bayne. This was the biggest fit out project the company has yet done. Work done in the oil and gas industry is what led to the birth of Nuvo Consulting. “Midstream projects for Halliburton helped with the establishment of the company. One of our current focus areas is downstream opportunities in oil and gas in South Africa,” says Bayne. Nuvo Consulting’s boutique approach positively impacts cost management “From a system or technology approach – going back to our


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