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Improved engineering function for configuring fire and gas systems Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed an enhanced version of the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system. The R4.03.00, includes an improved engineering function for configuring Fire and Gas Systems (FGS) and new operation faceplates for the FGS op- eration and monitoring screens. These enhancements make it easier to adopt and use ProSafe-RS in FGS applications. In the oil, natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, and other energy and basic materials industries, various safety measures must be taken to prevent ac- cidents and protect the environment. This includes the use of a safety instru- mented system, which can secure plant safety by functioning as an Emergency Shutdown system (ESD) that detects abnormal conditions and safely initiates emergency shutdowns, and by func- tioning as an FGS.

New barcode scanner range Managing your inventory and tracing as- sets can be a laborious and time-consum- ing process, especially in hazardous areas. Extronics offers a cost-effective solution to help you out; the new iSCAN range of intrinsically safe barcode scanners. En- able your staff to work smart; the iSCAN range's rapid scan rate records information quickly and efficiently. Light enough to be easily carried around yet rugged enough towithstand being dropped onto concrete, the iSCAN range provides a practical way to improve productivity whilst reducing the risk of errors. ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certified, the iSCAN range can be safely used in hazardous areas. The wide scan line and good read range makes it easy to scan barcodes in awkward and hard to reach locations, saving time and allowing workers to maintain a safe distance. The iSCAN range can connect with your current systems to give you better oversight of your operations, and can also be usedwith smart devices such as the Rough Pro range via Bluetooth. Fully scalable, it is available in several different options, giving you the flexibility to choose the version that's best suited for your application. Extech is the sole agent for Extronics in SouthernAfrica and will provide local IA certification. Enquiries:Tel. +27 (0) 11 791 6000 or email sales@extech.co.za www.extech.co.za on the market today. Since releasing this system in 2005, Yokogawa has continued to strengthen its functions to satisfy a variety of customer needs. In response to the rising need for FGS solutions, this latest release includes features that make it easier to adopt and use this system in such applications. And by adding a new Input/Output (I/O) module and enabling the use of an alternate control network topology, we are giving our customers a greater range of choices in their ESD and FGS applications. Cybersecurity has also been strengthened. • Easier adoption and use in FGS ap- plications • New I/O module • Ring network topology • Improved cybersecurity Enquiries: Visit www.yokogawa.com/za

Yokogawa’s ProSafe-RS safety instru- mented system can be integrated with the CENTUMVP integrated production control system and is widely used mainly in ESD applications all over the world. Based on an April 2017 Yokogawa survey, ProSafe-RS is one of the top selling safety instrumented systems

Is the medium flowing or not? To check the flow processes in pipeline systems, flow indicators are frequently required which give an immediate visible answer to the question: ‘Is the medium flowing or not?’ Kobold, represented locally by Instrotech , has their type DKB flow meter with a ball, used especially for checking the flow of small quantities of liquids.The method of opera- tion of this unit is astonishingly simple: the flow makes the white ball ‘dance’ to-and-fro under the glass dome. If the flow stagnates, the ball drops back into the rest position out of the field of view. With this design, it is possible, even in conditions of poor visibility and for cloudy and dirty media, to have a clear indication of cooling water circulation, lubricant flow, air supply and other media.The unit’s simple construction has only one moving part, thus guaranteeing reliable and interruption free function. Type DKB flow indicator is designed specifically for use horizontally running pipes, and is offered in sizes from G 1/8 up to G 1. At flow rates as low as 0,05 l/min for water for example, the ball lifts up and will be visible in the glass dome. In the standard ver- sion with a brass housing and glass dome made of impact resistant borosilicate glass, the units are suitable for use in temperatures up to 120°C and pressures up to 6 bar. Enquiries:Tel. +27 (0) 10 595 1831 or email sales@instrotech.co.za

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