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Data analytics and the future

Data is the new oil. In the field of data analytics, innovation and foresight are essential to success. Even more so, perhaps, is the ability to look beyond the traditional scope of analytics, with the understanding that knowledge is power and information can change the world.The possibilities truly are endless in a data driven world. At the recent Qlik Southern Africa Summit 2017, entitled: ‘Does your world make sense’, one key message reverberated like an undercurrent across all presentations; for data analytics tools to be effective, theymust work at the speed of thought (and accurately so). In a world that changes with every passing second, waiting months, weeks, days, or even hours for a report simply is not good enough. “Business intelligence is not an event,” confirms JaneThomson, Managing Director at South Africa Qlik Master Reseller. “It’s not something one can work towards and tick off a list. It has no begin- ning and no end; it must constantly evolve and continue to provide valuable information as the company (and the world) changes from one minute to the next.” Utilising data analytics to change the way we work and the world around us is possible; if the solution is fast, intelligent, accurate, reliable, interactive and offers only one version of the truth. “If all available, relevant data is brought together and analysed as a unit, there can be only one final answer. This eliminates ambiguity in terms of interpretation or manipulation, and helps companies to manage their futures more effectively,” addsThomson. At the Summit, Futurist, Graeme Codrington gave attendees a view into the future. Qlik’s experts discussed how to make data driven possibilities possible, theAfrican perspective on data analyt-

ics, and product insights. Partners from various industries shared their valuable case studies, and the Directors of KPI Management Solutions shared their knowledge on determining how to maximise operations through people and processes. Break Away sessions ensured that attendees from various industries were well looked after, and the SA Qlik Partner Awards were held at a Cocktail Event. Enquiries: Email perfectword@trinitas.co.za

Jane Thomson, South Africa Qlik Master Reseller.

Futurist, Graeme Codrington.

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