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Compact combi switchboxes with high air output

GEMÜ , a manufacturer of solutions for valves, measurement and control systems, has adapted its range of products in the area of combi switchboxes. With the addition of two new product types and the adaptation of an existing type, the company completes its product range and thereby offers its customers an even more customized selection. This enables a combi switchbox to be selected which is even better adapted to specific requirements. In comparison to external types, the inte- grated pilot valve offers both functional and cost benefits, such as fast reaction times, automatic programming of end positions and lower compressed air consumption. GEMÜ combi switchboxes therefore not

only enable precise position detection, they also provide efficient activation of the respective process valve. With immediate effect, the GEMÜ 4242 combi switchbox is also available with an increased air output, which means that it is possible to equip valves with a stroke of 2 to 75 mm with this product.The new size also comes with the same well-known features. This includes a high visibility display and position indicator, various interfaces such as AS-Interface, DeviceNet, IO-Link and 24V, as well as fast commissioning using automatic end position programming, both on-site and externally. Detailed diagnosis options make operation easier and simplify fault analysis. Both new GEMÜ 4240 and GEMÜ 4241 types work with mechanically adjustable

sensors and offer a cost effective alterna- tive compared to versions with electronic position detection. Enquiries: Ivona Jovic. Email ivona.jovic@gemue.de

Customised stud press solution for automobile manufacturer

TectraAutomation , part of the Hytec Group, has successfully designed and fabricated a tailor-made stud press for use inmanufacturing com- ponents for Ford’s Ford Ranger and Ford Everest vehicle ranges. Com- missioned for the project byAuto Industrial, the provider of machining and assembly of various automotive components, the stud press is used to insert the wheel studs into the front and rear hubs for these two vehicle types. With no standard stud press on the market that could meet the customer’s requirements,TectraAutomation was ap-

proached to provide the solution.The stud press is required to press-in each stud effortlessly using a maximum of 56 kN force and it must also record an accurate data capture of each press in cycle while providing a production rate of 175 000 hubs per annum. In addition, Auto Industrial requested that the press be able to assemble at least two studs at once while controlling the force and distance travelled accurately, and the specifications required tight tolerances after as- sembly. Furthermore, the press was required to performan infrequent press-out test as part of the quality assurance process. To achieve these requirements,Tectra Automation designed and manufactured the stud press frame from the Rexroth range of basic mechanical elements. “The studs are pressed in using two Rexroth EMC100XC actuators each driven by a Rexroth MSK060C motor through standard 20:1 GTM100 gearboxes,” explains Kevin Lombard, General Manager,Tectra Automation. “A turntable to rotate the hub is driven by an MSK040C motor through a 20:1 GTE80 gearbox and control is provided by a Rexroth CML25.1 PLC. Control for the HMI front-end with onboard PC is enabled by the IndraControl VEP 40.5. Additionally, we used customised load cells to measure the exact

force and we designed the program to operate and record the data inhouse.”

Enquiries: Kevin Lombard. Tel. +27 (0) 11 974 9400 or email kevin.lombard@tectra.co.za

Georg Venter, Divisional Manager – Electric Drives and Controls at Tectra Automation, pictured with the completed tailor-made stud press.

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