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Stainless steel encoders with IO-Link

Turck is completing its range of contactless EQR24 stainless steel encoders with an IO-Link variant. A variant with an IO-Link interface completes from JuneTurck's port- folio of wear-free stainless steel encoders. The robust stainless steel variants of the contactless QR24 inductive encoder series are specially designed for operation in applications with particular requirements for cleaning or for extreme environmental conditions, such as in the food and beverage or heavy industry.The EQR24 series consists of models with SSI, incremental, analog

and IO-Link outputs. With a V4A stainless steel housing (1.4404) and an active face made fromPA12-GF30 plastic the device can withstand even the harshest chemicals and pressures in the cleaning process. As with all QR24 models, the sensor and positioning element are fully potted and cast as two totally sealed independent units that can withstand any vibration or shocks of the shaft. Wear-intensive ball bearings or seals which lead to machine downtimes and thus long maintenance times are not required. Thanks to its intelligent mounting concept

using adapter rings, the permanently sealed IP69K encoder can be fitted on all standard shafts with diameters up to 20 mm. Enquiries: BrandonTopham. Email brandon. topham@retautomation.com

Latest solutions, IOT devices at African Automation Fair 2017 Omron ’s EtherCat solutions and Inter- net of Things (IOT) devices will take centre stage at the African Automa- tion Fair (AAF) from 6 - 8 June 2017 atTicketpro Dome in North Riding, Jo- hannesburg. In particular, a new IOT EtherCat module will be launched. There will also be a strong em- phasis on Omron’s Sysmac motion solutions, comprising robotics and

user customers,” Marques points out. The Omron product range on display at AAF 2017 includes Sysmac motion and PLC control, NX remote I/O, vision systems, safety products, servos, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and general control components. “We have strong experience and references in areas such as mo- tion and drive control, PLCs and HMI, automation networks, and visual inspection control and robotics,” Marques reiterates. Omron Field Sales Engineers will man the stand at AAF 2017 to familiarise

customers with the latest technology. “We will also have Application Engi- neers on hand with a wealth of experi- ence to field high-end technical ques- tions. Different managers will also be present on different days to showcase our commitment in meeting our custom- ers’ needs from the top down,” Marques concludes. Visit Omron at Stand E25, E28, AAF 2017.

visual inspection control,Victor Marques, Country General Manager, highlights. “Historically, AAF has always had a good reach into all of our relevant industries. Of course, we also have the correct target market attending our stand.” The scope of AAF 2017 has evolved with the inclusion of IOT as one of the latest and most pervasive trends in the automation industry. This is an exciting outcome of the digital revolution that is changing the way we live and work. Marques highlights that Omron’s presence will appeal directly to customers on the lookout for cost-effective and highly-innovative solutions that meet, and even exceed, their requirements. “We are looking to target OEMs in particular, and food and beverage end-

Victor Marques, Omron Country General Manager.

Enquiries: Omron Electronics. Tel. +27 (0) 11 579 2600 or email info.sa@eu.omron.com

Miniature encoder for mobile equipment

The contactless resonator measuring principle enables the compact Ri360-QR20 to be wear-free and permanently sealed. Turck's compact and wear-free Ri360-QR20 miniature encoder is especially designed for use in mobile machinery.The new encoder series with IP68/IP69K protection exceeds the e1/E1 requirements and comes in a compact 71 x 64 x 20 mm housing. It is based on the contactless resonator measur- ing principle like its “big brother”, the QR24. The key feature:The housing fully surrounds the positioning element and provides it with full protection from the outside. Al- ternatively, the positioning element can also be positioned above the sensor. This

design principle not only reduces the plan- ning work for the designer, but also offers mechanical protection, as well as protec- tion from dust and moisture. The housing is also permanently sealed. Even the often problematic potential points of leakage such as LED lenses are eliminated since the QR20 uses a translucent plastic. Available from RETAutomation Controls , the encoder offers interference immunity of 100V/m and is protected from line-conduct- ed interference according to DIN ISO 7637-2 or SAE J113-11, the so-called load dump. Salt spray or rapid temperature changes, as well as diesel, kerosene or vibrations have no effect on the device.With a temperature

range from -40 to +85°C there are virtually no climatic conditions that could be critical for the QR20.The Ri360-QR20 offers a 12-bit resolution on the output side, correspond- ing to around 0,09 degrees. The output signal ranges from 0,5 to 4,5 Vdc (LU4). If the sensor does not detect a positioning element, the value jumps to 5 V. Enquiries: BrandonTopham. Email brandon. topham@retautomation.com

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