Electricity + Control May 2017


Gerry Bryant is the Managing Director of Countapulse Controls, southern African supplier of sensing, measurement, counting, switching, monitoring and positioning instrumentation. In operation for many years, the company has the full backing of its German principals and offers a complete technical advisory service for the most effective use of its products in automotive and other branches of engineering. Enquiries: Tel. +27 (0) 11 615 7556 or email Bryant@countapulse.co.za Conclusion Sensors are likely to play a continued and important role in the produc- tivity of all manufacturing sectors and will remain a key component in smart manufacturing facilities as the world progresses through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leuze RSL 400 family incorporate two autonomous protective func- tions in one device. Miniaturisation of sensors is another important development for industry; the Leuze 2 Series throughbeam photoelectric sensors, for instance, are smaller than a matchbox. While this first started within the aerospace and medical sectors (where there was a call for min- ute and lightweight devices), it has carried across to other markets. Smaller sensors which provide high levels of functionality, reliability and performance are in demand. These devices can be installed in areas and on machinery which would previously not have been considered suitable due to space constraints.

There will be growing integration across entire operations of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

Access to high levels of accurate information will allow companies to optimise processes.



Smooth speed regulation with high precision

The new Hengstler Acuro AX73 is a class leading optical encoder that offers smooth speed regulation with high levels of preci- sion. Its compact dimensions make it suit- able for installation in areas where there are space constraints. Available from the official Hengstler dis- tributor for southern Africa, Countapulse Controls , this absolute rotary encoder is ideal for ATEX-rated applications.TheAcuro AX73 encoder carries ATEX and IEC Ex cer- tification for gas and dust explosion proof requirements. This advanced optical encoder offers ben- efits for a myriad of applications including on winches, cranes, drill and other oil and gas industry equipment, as well as in paint plants, petrochemical facilities, bottling plants and grain mills.

The connection configuration on the en- coder allows the routing of cabling with the encoder installation in separate steps. This provides significant cost and time savings during installation, as cabling can be com- pleted in advance. This type of installation allows the quick replacement of a spare encoder during maintenance and servicing activities. Another feature that facilitates ease of maintenance is the use of just two screws for the connection hood. Many comparable encoders use six or even eight screws, while insufficient corrosion protec- tion makes such units difficult to uninstall. Special patented screws are used to protect the unit against dust, water and corrosion. The optical scanning system provides a highly accurate 22-bit resolution sensor signal for wherever precision or smooth

speed regulation is necessary. Johannes- burg-based, Countapulse Controls has an in-depth understanding of the application of absolute rotary encoders and is able to assist the market in selection of the best fit solution for a given application. Enquiries: Gerry Bryant.Tel. +27 (0) 11 615 7556 or email bryant@countapulse.co.za

Electricity+Control May ‘17


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