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High performance differential pressure transmitters

Val.Co has introduced a new LPM level switch designed specifically to control the storage of dusts, granules, powders and other solid products. Particularly suited for the pharmaceutical, food, plas- tics and agricultural markets, the level switch is of robust construction and consists of a stainless steel rotating shaft with sealed self-lubricating bearings. The shaft is driven by a synchronous gear motor at low speed. When the material stops the rotation of the blades, the power supply to the geared motor is cut off, activating an elec- tric changeover contact. Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa, Jan Grobler commented, “This new LPM level switch from Val.Co is the most cost-efficient level switch on the market with the instrumentation quality, accuracy and reliability for which Val.Co is renowned. The shaft is manufactured from stainless steel and its performance is enhanced by the self-lubricating bearing system. We believe this newly developed LPM level switch will add value in control of the storage of granules, dust and other solid products.” Technical features of the Val.Co LPM level switch in- clude: Instrotech has available the Kobold PAD and PAS models of differential pressure transmitters. The microprocessor-based high-performance transmitters provide for flexible pressure calibration and output, with automatic compensation for ambient temperature, plus process variable configurations of multiple parameters and HART ® protocol communication. Applications are varied and include media such as steam, gases, liquids and others. Pressure, flow and level measurement are handled by the application. Input of all data for the sensors is added, modified and stored in EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, as used in various electronic devices to store relatively small amounts of data). As an option, the Kobold PAD-F is also available as a flow meter with a totalising function in the PAD transmit- ter, so it can check the flow rate and totalise flow. Flow rate is measured by using differential pressure without compensation for temperature and static pressure. The body of PAD-F is the same as the standard device, ex- cept for the terminal block, which has two more pulse output terminals. Key features of the PAD and PAS models include: - Superior performance with high reference accura- cy, long-term stability and high rangeability - Flexibility, supported by data configuration with a HART ® configurator and zero point adjustment - Reliability, supported by a continuous self-di- agnostic function, automatic temperature com- pensation, EEPROM write protection, fail-mode New level switch for granules and solid products

process function, and compliance with CE elec- tromagnetic compatibility standards (EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2). Kobold’s PAD and PAS transmitters provide high refer- ence accuracy due to the high-performance processors, making them suitable for flexible application in absolute and differential pressure measurements. In addition, these two models achieve long-term stability with capac- itive or piezo-resistive sensors. The differential pressure transmitters are used in critical media applications, such as steam, gases and liquids.

For more information contact Instrotech. Tel: +27 (0)10 595 1831 Email: sales@instrotech.co.za Visit: www.instrotech.co.za

- Power supply range 24 - 230-volt units - A temperature range of -10 0 C to +120 0 C - Housing of cast aluminium or stainless steel AISI 304 - Connection to FWX lengths A/B from 55 mm to one metre and connection to 40G-65G A/B 80 mm to one metre - Electrical connection is N2 cable gland 3/8” - Paddle can be supplied with flanged or threaded connections - Conforms to IP65 protection stand- ards.

The new LPM level switch is designed to control storage of granules and similar products.

The alarm system can be activated when con- veyor belts unexpectedly come to a standstill. Val.Co is part of the GHM Group of companies. For more information contact GHM Messtechnik SA. Tel: +27 (0)11 902 0158 Email: info@ghm-sa.co.za Visit: www.ghm-group.de/en/

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