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data must not only be collected – but turned into useful information. As the age of digital transformation evolves at an accelerating pace, we need to be looking at our engagement with the IIoT very thoughtfully. This allows the interconnection of control, automation and data collection in ways that can be profoundly helpful in these difficult times. It also crosses the boundary between the plant and the office. Please enjoy what the editor and a range of authors have packed into this edition – and let this be the year where we change the things we can and change them in a way that makes our own businesses more sustainable. And may I suggest we remind ourselves that in spite of the help we get from our cities, our utilities, our policy environment – and so on – we proceed. We live on a continent and in a country with the most astounding potential. No one but us can realise that potential. Let us lead. Let us fill the vacuums that exist at so many levels and let us do that by optimising how we use technology, how we use data, and how we manage and deal with our staff, the most important asset we have. And let us not be swayed by the muddling about we see where decisive action would have been expected. The call to action resides with us. Let’s review our plant, our processes – and optimise now. When the sun begins to shine again we must be ready to fly.

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As we move into what we hope will be a slightly more ‘normal’ year, it is time to step back and review how our plant is running. Can we do better? Can we optimise efficiency? Can we put more on the bottom line? Yes – the manufacturing industry has been hammered by a policy environment that is really not helpful; then there was Covid; then that looting spree; and we cannot miss the general malaise in the economy. But sadly, I suspect a lot of the loss of confidence is due to the absence of signs of decisive action to begin to turn the boat around – even to close the loop on lawlessness. Previously I have said that education is far too important to be left in the hands of the state alone; equally so with healthcare and security – and now, clearly, the economy. The wise view is that there are things we can change; and others we cannot. So let’s step back and review those things on our plant that we can change – and seek out other things within our purview that we can change for the greater good. One of these touch points will relate to how we optimise the operation of our plant, how we minimise wastage, how we use the data we have in order to inform the way we do things. This applies in the manufacturing cycle as much as it does within the business management environment. In this issue we focus on aspects of technology that need to be looked at carefully in this regard. In particular, we have a focus on Industrial IoT and on Test and Measurement – among others. What gets measured gets done; and

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