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Thermal camera videoscope kits for hard-to-reach views

During the past year rope access specialist, Skyriders Access Specialists, was called on to carry out a range of inspection, repair and maintenance services across diverse sites – from a 50-storey skyscraper to a shopping centre and a major food processing plant. “This is a growth area for us, especially as regular maintenance schedules have to be followed to ensure continuing productivity and efficiency, despite the re- strictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Marketing Manager Mike Zinn. Skyriders can field small, flexible and dynamic teams that offer a range of services, all while re- maining fully compliant with Covid-19 regulations. “Building a high scaffold structure takes considera- ble labour, while rope access requires only a small team. The same applies to our drone department, where a two-person team can inspect an entire fur- nace area of a boiler visually without the need for scaffolding,” Zinn notes. Often called on to conduct maintenance, repair Teledyne FLIR has introduced two additions to its indus- try first VS290 Thermal Videoscope Kit family of devices – the VS290-33 Thermal MSX ® Videoscope Kit and the VS290‑21 Thermal Videoscope Kit. The VS290-33 features a rounded, dual thermal-visible probe providing greater flexibility in conducting underground utility-vault inspec- tion and other high-voltage scenarios that require a CAT IV rating. The VS290-21 provides thermal-only building, me- chanical, and electrical inspection capabilities enabling mechanical, electrical and building professionals to view hard-to-reach areas – from crawlspaces to inside motors. The rounded VSC-IR33 dual thermal-visible probe is just 19 mm in diameter, so it can fit within tight spaces without sacrificing side-viewing capabilities. The probe houses a 160 × 120 thermal camera and a two- megapixel visible camera, together with a bright LED work light, to provide MSX imagery in both light and dark spaces. FLIR’s proprietary MSX (Multispectral Dynamic Imaging) on-camera software takes key details from the visible image and embosses them on the thermal image, providing perspective and crucial contextual clues to help users assess potential issues accurately and safely. The VSC-IR21 probe offers similar specifications in a thermal-only package that is slim enough to access hard-to-reach spaces and locate potential problems quickly. It features the same 160 × 120 resolution as the VSC-IR32/33, but in a forward-facing camera designed to help users view inside walls, within machinery, and in other tight spaces Improved analysis and reporting The VS290 Videoscope Kits are compatible with FLIR Rope access teams provide agile maintenance

Thermal Studio Suite software for quick report genera- tion, post-processing and analysis. The software enables operators to document and share issues and include before-and-after imagery to show when a problem has been resolved. On the base units, operators can view live video and captured images via the 3.5-inch colour display. The display includes the option of adding isotherm colour alarms to identify potential issues in real time across a temperature range from -10 to 400°C. Ruggedised design The family of VS290 Videoscope Kits feature IP67 cam- era tips and IP54 rated base units and probes, providing a high level of protection against dust and water. The base units are also drop-test rated for two metres. The VS290-21 Thermal Videoscope Kit provides infrared inspection capabilities in hard-to-reach areas. and inspection services at large-scale industrial structures such as smokestacks and petrochemical tanks, Skyriders has also carried out general routine cleaning in difficult- to-access areas at a food processing plant. A six-person team oversaw the fast-track project over a two-day period, deploying high-pressure washers using food-safe detergent in line with the strict hygiene and health and safety standards of the food and beverage industry. Skyriders offers a variety of rope access aided servic- es to industries such as power generation, petrochemical, mining, heavy industry and facilities management. These services include non-destructive testing (NDT) and in- spection, concrete inspection, maintenance and repairs, application of coating systems, work-at-height safety sys- tems, welding, and confined space rescue and standby. For more information visit: www.teledyneflir.com

In some projects Skyriders uses advanced technology like Elios SkyEye drones.

For more information contact Skyriders. Tel: +27 (0)11 312 1418

Email: mike@ropeaccess.co.za Visit: www.ropeaccess.co.za

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