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Unlock a new dimension of business – io-key open for success

U ntil now, it has typically been very time-consuming and cost-intensive to install central monitoring, analy- sis, and further processing of sensor data. With the io-key, things look very different, though. Now, monitoring of de- centralised processes and installations can be implement- ed without much ado. So why not benefit from this! io-key technology Compatible with your requirements: The new io-key allows users to send data from more than 10 000 IO-Link enabled sensors for various applications to the IIoT. io-key experience At present, about 5% of your data is transferred to the con- troller. 95% is lost, although it could effectively and easily be used to relieve the staff and optimise your installation. Greater efficiency – more benefit ƒ Plug and play: Sensor-supported plant monitoring without network planning or cabling ƒ Easy set-up: Connect io-key to a power supply, con- nect it to the sensor(s), register it on ifm cloud. Ready. ƒ High flexibility: The installation location can be freely selected – even outdoors with IP65

ƒ Almost infinite possibilities: Compatible with more than 10 000 IO-Link sensors ƒ Efficient: Low cost compared to other in- dustrial cloud solutions

Greater value – greater profit The io-key helps users optimise operational process flows. ƒ Avoid machine failure through predictive monitoring ƒ Reduce operating costs due to in-time maintenance measures ƒ Increase productivity by trouble-free operation ƒ Gain efficiency benefits via data evaluation during operation to achieve an economical competitive ad- vantage Clear visualisation of all data In the ifm cloud, a protected and individually adjustable dashboard is automatically provided, allowing users to monitor, manage and analyse, with added value, all sensor data online at all times. A true all-rounder for all applications Whether in buildings or outdoors, the io-key allows for im- plementation of numerous monitoring scenarios. A few ex- amples: ƒ Pressure monitoring at pumping stations ƒ Level measurement on tanks ƒ Temperature monitoring on cooling and heating circuits ƒ Predictive maintenance on remote machines

The easiest way towards Industry 4.0 The io-key solution follows the ‘keep it simple’ principle. For rapid, risk-free and cost- effective implementation of your IIoT solution. For easy, intuitive handling requiring no special IT skills. For maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Everything from a single source. And extensible at any time. □

With the capacity to monitor data from multiple sensors, the io-key helps users optimise operational process flows and increase productivity.

For more information contact ifm South Africa. Tel: +27 (0)12 450 0400 E-mail: info.za@ifm.com Visit: www.ifm.com

The io-key makes monitoring, dashboarding and trending of decentralised processes and installations simple and efficient.

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