Electricity and Control January 2023


[Photo credit: Brett Eloff]

[Photo credit: Brett Eloff]

Dr Deon Neveling, also from South Africa, has developed a host-specific multi-strain probiotic designed to promote gut health and prevent bacterial infections in chickens, reducing the need for antibiotics.

multi-strain probiotic designed to promote gut health and prevent bacterial infections in chickens, reducing the need for antibiotics. ƒ Smart green stove, Margaret Yainkain Mansaray, Sierra Leone – An efficient non-electric cooking device designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and health risks, slashing energy use by 70%. ƒ Smart water tech, Allen Chafa, Zimbabwe – A real-time wa ter quality monitoring and control system to address water borne diseases. ƒ ThinkBikes CoolMAX, Tolulope Olukokun, Nigeria – An electric cargo bike with a battery-powered fridge to help Nigeria’s smallholder farmers get fresh food crops to market. ƒ WAGA power pack, Gibson Kawago, Tanzania – A power pack made with recycled laptop batteries to provide reliable and affordable power for electric bikes, power banks, solar lights, businesses and homes. ƒ Waste-to-Wealth enhancer, Cletus Ekpoh, Nigeria – A four part recycling system to help informal waste collectors. ƒ YUNGA, Anatoli Kirigwajjo, Uganda – A local digital network connected through a physical device using the Internet of Things to provide security at a low cost in under resourced areas.

ƒ Aquaset, Obed Zar, Ghana – A smart water management system that monitors water levels in boreholes and water tanks, regulating the rate at which water is pumped and preventing pump breakdowns and wasting of water. ƒ Arobot, Cristovão Cacombe, Angola – A robotics learning tool for children that must be assembled and programmed to perform specific tasks. ƒ Digital aquaponics, Flavien Kouatcha Simo, Cameroon – A portable fish farm that uses fish waste as a fertiliser to produce organic vegetables, enabling small-scale farmers to increase production. ƒ Electric mobility, Chukwuemeka Eze, Nigeria – An e-mobility service that converts gas-powered three-wheel motorbikes to run on batteries, saving up to 60% on running costs. ƒ FlexiGyn, Edmund Wessels, South Africa – A portable device enabling gynaecologists to diagnose and treat uterine health issues without anaesthetic. ƒ MEDBOX, Emmanuel Ofori Devi, Ghana – A healthcare monitoring system that records a patient’s vital signs and transmits them to doctors who then provide remote medical advice. ƒ Multipurpose earth brick machine, Fikru Gebre Dikumbab, Ethiopia – A manually-operated portable machine to make interlocking compressed earth bricks using 90%-95% soil and 5%-10% cement. ƒ ProbiGal, Dr Deon Neveling, South Africa – A host-specific

For more information visit: www.raeng.org.uk/africaprize

[Photo credit: Paul Stremple]

[Photo credit: Paul Stremple]

Gibson Kawago from Tanzania has developed the WAGA power pack, made with recycled laptop batteries to provide affordable power for use at a micro level.

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