Electricity and Control March 2023


Early detection of boiler tube leaks in power stations has a significant impact in reducing damage and downtime.

The APS is designed and manufactured in South Africa.

If early leak detection is achieved by installing Inspecta APS, and consequently reducing downtime for leak repairs in a large generation unit by only one day, the savings in electricity production loss exceed the cost of the system tenfold. Note: [1] EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, is based in Washington DC in the USA and has offices around the world.

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pipe-sets are automatically kept clear of fly ash, so the sensitivity of the Inspecta steam leak detection system is not compromised. This, in turn, enables the system to detect small tube leaks reliably at an early stage. Operating automatically, the system has the advan tage of removing the potential risk of human error from routine maintenance because it does not require any hu man intervention to function. Inspecta APS is purpose-designed to work in the ex treme environmental conditions of a power station boiler house and the system incorporates AI-driven adaptive performance.

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