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Containerised and mobile substations Containerised mobile substations are sheltered and therefore ideal for applications in challenging environ ments, including areas with high pollution, high humidity, extreme temperatures or exposed to sandstorms. Mobile substations are complete plug-and-play solutions comprising trailer- or skid-mounted modules for fast and easy transportation and energisation. They provide a rapid-response solution for major grid disruptions, backup supply, grid expansion and other needs. Surge arresters Surge arresters are an essential component in ensuring the stability of the electricity network as they provide primary protection against atmospheric and switching overvoltages. Hitachi Energy has more than 75 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing surge arresters. It offers a range of products for low, medium and high voltage applications, comprising solutions for ac and dc systems up to 1 100 kV. Together with its customers and partners, Hitachi Energy is committed to accelerating the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system.

Grid edge solutions For customers looking to achieve energy autonomy, to unlock new economic opportunities or to manage renewables and distributed energy resources, Hitachi Energy can support them through the transition. Part of its growing digital ecosystem is the e-mesh™ portfolio of solutions which combines advanced analyt ics, energy management software and hardware sys tems with battery energy storage. Grid-eXpand™ is a range of modular, prefabricated grid connection solutions that make it faster and simpler to expand power grid capacity efficiently and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy system. The Grid-eXpand™ solutions are engineered, assembled and factory-tested by Hitachi Energy before delivery, ready for speedy and easy energisation on site, reduc ing site-based construction risks. The solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs and grid code require ments. They are scalable to allow easy upgrade or ex pansion and are replicable to enable fleet harmonisation and to reduce complexity in the installed base. Site installation can be up to 40% faster, the footprint up to 60% smaller and civil works up to 70% lower in costs than for conventionally built grid connections, which require extensive construction work and equip ment assembly on site.

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MARCH 2023 Electricity + Control


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