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The best detectors on the market from Berthold Technologies

B erthold is an expert in radiometric measurements, spe cialising in solutions for density, point level, continuous level, and multiphase/density profile measurements. Its expertise is reflected in its products’ performance. Where other technologies must be constantly recalibrated or re placed due to corrosion or process build-up, Berthold’s products provide more accurate and reliable measurement without intrusion into the process and are not affected by volatile or caustic processes. Highly sensitive detectors Compared to competitors’ products, Berthold’s detectors, with industry leading sensitivity, achieve better accuracy with the same source or can even extend the useful life of aged and low activity sources. Depending on the applica tion, the source activity can be reduced by up to 80%. The detectors’ sensitivity describes how efficiently radiation is converted into a useable signal (that is, by ‘counts’). Especially in low-radiation conditions, the company’s highly sensitive detectors improve the signal to noise ratio, resulting in the outstanding measurement performance for which Berthold systems are renowned. Detector stability In addition to increased sensitivity, the detectors feature other distinguishing patented technology. All the detectors incorporatecosmic ray technology, whichcurbs temperature drift to ≤0.002%/°C, and XIP (X-Ray Interference Protection), which automatically detects interference and protects the user’s control system from false level fluctuations. The long-term stability of a detector is extremely impor tant for consistently high-quality measurement performance and accuracy during the entire operation. Long-term drifts of detectors’ sensitivity can be caused by temperature changes and aging. If these go unnoticed and uncompen sated for, they can cause considerable loss in production yields and product quality. The accurate and reliable operation of Berthold detec tors is guaranteed for the full duration of operation. Integral automatic sensitivity monitoring and adjustment functional ity keep the sensitivity constant and correct for any exter nal influences – irrespective of temperature changes and aging effects. Due to the company’s innovative and patented technol ogy of using cosmic rays as a very stable radiation refer ence, Berthold detectors achieve this outstanding stability.

portant diagnostic functions, such as, among others, permanent monitoring of the detector function in comparison with cosmic back ground radiation. This guarantees outstand ing operational safety. The cosmic radiation control also makes it possible to maintain the required source activity very low. Berthold Technologies stands for excellent know-how, high quality, and reliability. The customer is always the focus of its solutions. The company knows its business. Using its varied product portfolio, specialised knowledge and extensive experience, Berthold Technologies develops suitable solutions together with its customers for new, indi vidual measurement tasks in a wide range of industries and applications. Mecosa (Pty) Ltd is the sole business partner for Berthold in Southern Africa and has cooperated with Berthold for more than 35 years. □

Berthold’s radiometric measurement instruments with industry leading sensitivity, deliver consistently high-quality, accurate performance.

For more information contact Mecosa. Tel.: +27 (0)11 257 6100 E-mail: measure@mecosa.co.za Visit: www.mecosa.co.za

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