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Control-integrated vision solution As a specialist in PC-based control technology, Beckhoff is constantly looking at ways to integrate all machine functionalities into a single control platform. This also includes image processing – on the software side since the launch of TwinCAT Vision in 2017, and now completed with the introduction of the comprehensive Vision hardware portfolio. Beckhoff Vision offers machine builders and end users an image processing system that covers all the required components from software to lighting. Seamlessly integrated into EtherCAT-based control technology, it opens up competitive advantages for users, including highly accurate synchronisation with all machine processes, reduced engineering and hardware costs, and simplified commissioning and support. In addition to the TwinCAT Vision software, the Vision hardware portfolio includes: - Cameras – the area-scan cameras generate high-quality image data using colour and mono chrome CMOS sensors with up to 24-megapixel resolution and 3.45 μm and 2.74 μm pixel pitch, plus transfer rates of 2.5 Gbit/s adopters of TSN to support their products into the future and customers’ systems too. Belden is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and, with this goal in mind, was among the standardisation initiators of TSN at the IEEE in the early 2010s. With products built on the strong foundation of standard Ethernet, TSN is a natural fit for Belden’s portfolio, which includes market-leading industrial networking solutions that are used in the most challenging environments. When looking at developing its first TSN-compatible products, Belden’s RSPE and BOBCAT Managed DIN Rail switches, the company selected CC-Link IE TSN as its underlying technology, the first open gigabit industrial Ethernet with TSN functions. The fact that the CLPA offered the first industrial TSN profile available for certification was an important factor in the decision. In addition, the organisation made good use of the new TSN additions to the Ethernet toolbox and selected the appropriate mechanisms to provide suitable communications over a vendor-neutral networking technology. This forward-looking vision empowered the CLPA to be ahead of others with regard to specification and certification. In practice, it offers the most advanced ecosystem of TSN-compatible devices and controllers as well as clear migration paths for existing devices in CC-Link IE TSN networks. These features give vendors the opportunity to certify and upgrade their product portfolios with the technology and, at the same time, help machine operators transition smoothly towards complete TSN-capable environments. In addition, CC-Link IE TSN offers low

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TSN can cater to the highest real-time communications demands of industrial automation applications. complexity configurations and early certification routes. There are three main advantages of being part of the CLPA: visibility as a leading automation provider, market entry and community access. For Belden, this means we are able to leverage a strong, established ecosystem of interoperable solutions and engage in valuable discussions with other industry players. This is key to understanding the most relevant technology requirements and gaining insights as well as providing early feedback on products to improve their development. With these elements of support, we can continue to move forward and serve our customers with a state-of-the-art offering. □

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- Lenses – the robust, indus trial C-mount lenses provide for easy handling and high availability, with a VIS and NIR AR coating, up to 2 μm resolution, and image cir cles of 11 mm and 19.3 mm respectively - Lighting – the multicolour LED lighting in three designs – area, ring, and bar lighting – produces constant lighting conditions for consistently

The new Beckhoff Vision hardware portfolio complements already available TwinCAT Vision software.

high-quality images. It also creates optimum contrast between the inspection feature and its surroundings, even in spectrally adjustable pulse mode. Complete units consisting of camera, lighting devices, and focusable lenses are also available.

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