Lighting in Design Q1 2023

A guide to office lighting best practices

Office lighting is one of the many determinants to an employee’s perception about the workplace and can enhance employee performance and increase the aesthetic appeal of the office. O ffice lighting is important for the health and well-being, as well as performance productivity, of the employees. It has been the office layout and plan carefully. Otherwise, it could lead to haphazard placement of lights which would then cause more disruption in office activities – poor positioning of lighting sources is as bad as poor lighting itself.

scientifically proven that the kind of lighting used in workplaces does indeed influence employees’ work, mood and overall health over time.There are many points to keep in mind if you are in charge of choosing and getting office lighting fixed. While the chosen lighting should not be too dull or dim, it should not be harsh in brightness either – a har mony has to be found and maintained. It is often recommended that the lighting indoors in the office should be as synchronised as possible with the light outside. Further, depending on the layout of the office space, different types of lights may be needed, such as overhead lights, floor lamps, etc. Although the factors determining what constitutes best lighting practices differ from office to office, here are some best practices: 1: Before picking lighting sources and finalising on them, it is necessary for those in charge to study

2: Ceiling lighting is one of the first concerns when it comes to choosing office lights, as these will be fixed in maximum quantity all over the office space. It is important to ensure that the overhead lights don’t have glare to them, that is, they are not overly bright. Furthermore, the positioning of the ceiling light should not be directly over the employee’s desk – that can only be feasible if the lights are smaller. 3: Add corrective lighting as a complement so that the balance between light and shadow is maintained. Corrective lighting acts as a mediator between the different kinds of lighting and colour temperature in the office – the natural light outside, the main lighting source used at the workplace and computer/mobile screens being used there. Such


LiD Q1 - 2023

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