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area is possible, which simplifies connection and wiring. Both contribute to a high level of energy efficiency and quick reaction times. These manifolds make an internal and ex- ternalpilotairsupplypossible:thankstochan- nel separation, vacuum and pressure can be used at the same timewithin a valvemanifold. Thus, different applications can be combined in a single valve manifold. Depending on the type of cleaning agent, connections made of stainless steel can be used, making the valve manifold perfectly suited for the area of application. Because they are resistant to corrosion and are perfectly sealed, clean style valve manifolds can be installed closer to the cylinders/actuators for quicker actuation in wet areas. The recommended valves of the New SY valve series are available with the rubber seal spool and metal steal spool. The metal spool valves in particular are suitable for extremely high operating frequencies and operating pressures of up to 10 bar. Tests at SMC have proven that their service life can reach up to 200-million switch cycles. The valves are extremely efficient when it comes to power consumption: in the energy- saving model, each coil requires only 0.10 W to hold the spool in a switched state. SMC offers the option of valve manifolds with backpressure check valves, which prevent the cylinder frommalfunctions caused by the exhaust air from other valves. SMC sponsors ProPak Cape 2017 As ‘partners in packaging’, SMC Pneumatics is dedicated to product innovation for the food processing and packaging industry whilst maintaining its global commitment to safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. More than pneumatics, SMC offers electric solutions as well as niche solutions such as its range of ionizers, chillers and dryers. SMC will be showcasing its ionisers; vacuum ejectors and cups; magnetic grip- pers; wash down and environment resistant actuators;fieldbusunits;itsstainlesssteeland safety locking cylinders; pressure and flow sensors, modular FRLs; alongwithfittings and tubing and much more. q

Local panel solutions To continuously innovate and provide total engineering solutions while meeting demand, SMC recently expanded its local production offering to include the design and build of electro/pneumatic control panels for many industrial applications. From a simple assembly to a complex system, SMC’s sales engineers together with its designer, panel builders and technical teams, work with its custom- ers to ensure that panels are designed to specification, within budget and on time. Mostrecently,SMC’steamworkedwith a large automotivemanufacturer to allevi- ate labour time and speed up processes by using one of its custom-built panels to match the application. The previous application required the staff on site to manually manoeuvre two side panels of a vehicle before welding them onto the

chassis. Thiswas proving labour-intensive and safety was of concern. The team at SMC found the perfect solution to the problem – an SMC panel that houses control valves and operates CP96 cylinders (ISO) andASflowcontrols, which allow for an automated manipula- tion process that reduces both welding and labour time. The customers once again looked to SMC as a one-stop supplier to fulfil their automation needs and the SMC team collaborated to ensure that the project was carried out seamlessly. From a single, once off special, or a multiple cabinet order, SMC prides itself on having the resources and expertise to build high quality, fully tested control cabinets that deliver outstandingperformanceandoffer peace-of-mind. q

SMC recently expanded its local production offering to include the design and build of electro/ pneumatic control panels.

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