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In flotation tanks, a batch remix can be automatically scheduled by a Promass 100 Coriolis flow meter that measures changes in the mixture.

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allurgists in generating plant-wide process improvements and providing relevant and reliable data on process wide performance. An example is a 10% proven increase in heap leach and stripping performance in a copper mine when it uses W@Ms powerful measurement performance capability to monitor variations in performance of critical measurement parameters; suchas acidusage, PLSoutput, organic toaqueous stripping rates against pipeline breakage, filter rupture or other process imbalances.

IIoT already gives us today: • Quick, visual and targeted access to the right data at the exact time, when it is needed. • Easy to download cloud-based tools with operations apps for mobile smartphones and tablets. • Wireless and wired connectivity to smart sensors and other process equipment for diagnostics, verification and condition monitoring. Customers are sometimes surprised that, for

Paul Dewison of MetalsPlus Research says:“Copper’sinherentpropertiesarehelp- ing tomeet thedemand for higher efficiency through improved designs.” For example, smaller diameter, thinner copper tubes and the inner grooving of copper tubes are being used to optimise product designs and increase efficiency in heat exchangers. Tubes in these mod- ern MicroGroove ® heat exchangers have dropped to 5.0 mm in diameter, down from 9.52 mm over the past 20 years. They are more efficient, use less refrigerant and can work with high-pressure refrigerants. Similarly, high-efficiency motors are more likely to use copper stator windings. In thisway, copper’s efficiency and its ability tobeworked into smaller andmore complex designs help to deliver better, more eco- friendly products for the same cost. q the first implementation of IIoT, they don’t have to completely revamp their whole op- eration. But the fourth Industrial Revolution is more a gradual evolution than a big bang revolution.We at Endress+Hauser take pride in being an innovative company, and our R&D engineers take great pride in being ahead of the game in smart sensor development to ensure our instruments are ready for the digital evolution. Our customer’s first step will only be a small one towards IIoT in ‘digital mining’. q

Copper critical in expanding HVAC(R) market Copper’s high conductivity, durability and workability give it a dominant role in the fast-growing and rapidly changing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigera- tion (HVAC(R)) market. jorityoftheunitssold,andtheyalsoformthe largest sector for copper, requiring about 1.04-million t of copper per year, compared with 430 000 t for refrigeration products and 220 000 t in chillers.

“Copper has played a key role in market drivers such as climate change mitigation, productefficiencyanddesignimprovements that have expanded the HVAC(R) market and present an opportunity for continued growth,” says Colin Bennett of Market Analysis and Outreach, ICA. Also, countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines have high populations as well as a high number of cooling-degree days. The research shows that these coun- tries have the lowest density of room air conditioners in place, which represents a significant demand opportunity for ad- ditional units.

Market drivers, growth opportunities and sector developments are outlined in a new industry study commissioned by the International Copper Association (ICA) completed by Metals Research & Consulting. TheHVAC(R)marketcomprisesproducts used in both residential and commercial ap- plications, from room air conditioners and large commercial systems to commercial and industrial refrigeration. Altogether, these systems make up a US$140-billion market that has grown by 55.5% over the last 12 years, according to the study. Room air conditioners make up the ma-

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