Modern Mining December 2022


Global economic disruption has in many ways meant a ‘back to basics’ approach for the mining industry and its supply partners – but this has not prevented Omnia Group company BME from notching up several successes in its innovation and global expansion plans. Omnia’s BME reaches globally with feet on the ground

F or Ralf Hennecke, managing director of BME, the company has progressed on many fronts over the past year. One that stands out is the sterling reception it has received for its latest generation AXXIS Titanium™ electronic initiation system. “Seeing this system being trialled by Tier 1 mining companies in markets such as North America and Australia is a real accolade for our ongoing efforts in technology innovation,” says Hennecke. “Taking a broader view, though, we also see the industry pri oritising its supply chain security in light of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine.” He reiterates that mining performance is based on continuous and productive operations, which rely on services and products being delivered regularly and on time. Mines want quality offerings and reli able delivery, he argues, which were often taken for granted when mining companies were reaching towards future solutions in mechanisation, automa tion, and digitalisation. Supply security “We have in recent years been inundated with requests from existing and new customers, for sup plies outside our current scope, where they may

have experienced sourcing difficulties,” he says. “The answer has always been, “Yes, we can”, and we have. The ability to supply on demand has always been a BME and Omnia strong point.” It has allowed the company to instil confidence in customers within its current footprint, while con tinuing to expand its reach to new territories and customers. “On the strength of our established manufactur ing facilities and solid supply lines, we have not let down a single customer during these trying times, ” he explains. “Mines have placed supply chain risk at the top of their agendas, and with good reason.” Volatile times He highlights that the sector is dealing with con siderable volatility where cost input pricing is often unpredictable. This is an issue BME continues to address in the interests of long term, win-win, rela tionships with customers. “As a leading supplier, BME closely manages our own supply chain risk alongside ongoing disruption from electricity load-shedding,” he says. “We can do this as our own manufacturing and assembly facili ties are able to run independent of grid power – with many operations drawing on renewable energy.” He notes that the company’s ability to supply was enhanced by the Omnia Group having the youngest plants in Africa at its Sasolburg site – as well as hav ing considerable production capacity. Green focus Alongside its supply chain focus, the mining sector is still seeing a strong drive towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives – and it expects its supply partners to stay abreast. As part of the Omnia Group, this remains a core focus of BME. “Our used oil initiative, as one example, continues to gather momentum and expand into new avenues wherever we see the opportunity,” says Hennecke. “We provide a valuable service to customers and other oil users by disposing responsibly of their waste oil.” At the same time, the carefully managed and monitored oil collection network gives opportunities to small businesses in the community. BME’s trans porting and processing protocols are also setting the standard for the broader waste management

Ralf Hennecke, managing director of BME.

On the global stage, BME has made great strides in all the regions in which it is active.

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