Modern Mining December 2022

Population growth underpins demand for resources

I n mid-November, the world population clocked in at a staggering 8 billion people – just 12 years after hitting the 7 billion mark – placing further pressure on the earth’s natural resources needed to feed, clothe, and progress mod ern society. India is set to surpass China as the world’s most populous country, rising to 1.515 bil lion people in 2030 from 1.417 billion in 2022, with the USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Russia, set to feature in the top ten of the world’s most populous countries just eight years from now. Industry pundits are already forecasting greater demand for minerals and metals, in par ticular precious metals, industrial metals, and new age minerals. In fact, The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) revised its calculation, now forecasting a deficit of 303 koz in 2023 as global platinum demand is expected to increase by 19% (to 7 770 koz) while supply is scheduled to increase by just 2% (to 7 466 koz). According to the industry body, the profound swing in market balances between the 2022 surplus and the 2023 deficit is anticipated to be more than 1.1 moz. And, as the world works to drastically reduce its carbon footprint, it is turning to platinum – an integral component in the renewable energy space, in fuel cell electric vehicles and in driving green hydrogen as well as for its use in the con struction of energy-efficient fibreglass – to meet its aspirations. Southern Palladium’s CEO, Johan Odendaal, whose flagship asset, the Bengwenyama proj ect, is eyeing production by 2028, says the move towards clean energy sources is driving demand for PGMs, which bodes well for the new kid on the PGM block (pg 18). Further to this, Dr Dave Lawie of IMDEX advises that demand for copper is expected to outstrip supply soon, and that 9.7-million tonnes of new copper supply is needed over 10 years from projects yet to be sanctioned. This is equivalent to nearly a third of current refined consumption if the industry is to meet the Paris

Climate Agreement targets (pg 12). Population growth also underpins iron ore miner Afrimat’s success as the company’s diversifi cation strategy sees it focused on future materials and metals. In fact, given the globe’s need for increased crop yields, Afrimat’s latest acquisition – the Glenover Phosphate operation, which con sists of rare-earths, phosphate, and vermiculite – is set to play a key role in meeting the needs of the population in terms of new age minerals and in augmenting crop yields (pg 14). Given that more people means more pollution, more fossil fuels being burnt and greater defores tation, which, in turn, triggers changes in climate, and air and water quality, the mining sector, which is a key contributor to several negative impacts, is at the forefront of driving sustainable initiatives. In line with this, Modern Mining spoke to the FSE’s Mariette Liefferink about the impact of abandoned mines on communities surrounding mining operations. Abandoned mines, such as the Jagersfontein mine, have been in the spot light for tailings dam’s failures; however, as the industry aligns with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, there is hope of better managed tailings storage facilities (pg 26). Also featured in this edition is the Minerals Council South Africa, which has placed its foot firmly on the pedal to address concerns faced by the junior mining segment. This includes amping up its financial resource allocation to aid the junior and emerging miners’ desk and engaging experts on the drafting of a fit-for-purpose policy for the sector (pg 22). In our cover story, Brelko continues to gain traction in its global expansion strategy, especially in the Middle East where it has already provided products to Ma’aden, the Saudi state-owned min ing company, to the tune of over $500 thousand this year alone (pg 8). The December edition is our last edition for 2022 and we would like to wish our Modern Mining readers and advertisers a peaceful and happy year end break. 


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