Modern Mining February 2023


To meet the strong demand for commodities, mining houses are progressing both brownfield and greenfield projects; however, sup ply chain challenges are severely hampering project timelines and throwing schedules off kilter. Even though the world has returned to normality following the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain disrup tions persist with the knock-on effect of labour shortages at ports leading to extensive shipping delays and soaring freight costs. As a result, many companies are experiencing depleted inventory levels for key components and equipment. By Nelendhre Moodley. Hamar Controls innovates to stay ahead

S o how are suppliers to the mining sector ensur ing that they deliver equipment timeously to progress project development? Modern Mining recently spoke to Hamar Controls MD, Chris Joubert and business development manager, Bennie Venter, to find out just how manufacturers of key components are working around these hurdles. Established in 1981, Hamar Controls has been providing MCCs, electrical substations and associ ated products to projects across the world. “The services we provide for this industry include electrical, control and instrumentation (E,C&I) design, mobile substations and E-houses, control cabins, motor control centres (MCC), distribution boards, PLC and control panels, instrumentation selection and supply and site installation of the E,C&I, including racking and cabling and testing and commissioning of all supplied equipment. We have extensive experience in different types of con veyor systems, stationary and rail mounted stackers, reclaimers including bridge, drum and bucket wheel reclaimers, ship loaders and ship off-loaders,” says Joubert. Given the global shortage of key components such as variable speed drives, and various electrical

Electrical substation (e-house) built and equipped by Hamar Controls.

and PLC equipment, Hamar Controls has cast its net far and wide in search of alternative product suppliers. “Although we remain committed to partnerships with our global OEM suppliers, there is a product backlog of up to 50 weeks and often the stock we require is not readily available from our key branded suppliers. In order to best serve the needs of our customers we have been seeking out alternative products and suppliers and have found several smaller suppliers that are able to provide the prod ucts we require at significantly shorter delivery times, with product quality and performance on par with those of well-known brands. We have successfully managed to integrate product with existing customer installed base products,” explains Venter. He adds that these smaller companies are inter nationally based and have been supplying product to projects for decades. Owing to the severe shortage of shipping con tainers, the company, whose strength lies in its ability to deliver customer specific manufactured products,

6000 tph waste spreader where Hamar Controls did the electrical design, equipment manufacturing and installation.

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