Modern Mining June 2021


Harnessing the power of cavitation to improve production and profit margins

As mining companies seek to improve production yields and profitability of marginal operations, it is time to shift mindsets and challenge the conventional processes in the metallurgical industry. With Gold Ore’s MACH REACTOR – a game-changing technology that harnesses the power of cavitation – mining operations can extract minerals in the most efficient way possible, thus achieving or even surpassing production targets and improving profit margins. By Munesu Shoko.

A s mining-company leaders work to rebuild profit- ability, improving productivity is high on the agenda. Doing more with less is the foundation of improv- ing performance in mining and leads directly to increased shareholder returns. For mining operations pursuing productivity-enhancing approaches and improving yields, Gold Ore (Pty) Ltd’s disruptive technology, the MACH REACTOR TM , is exactly what the industry needs to improve production yields and profitability of marginal operations. Adrian Singh, founder of GoldOre and the inventor of the MACH REACTOR, explains that the MACH REACTOR is a game-changing tech- nology that harnesses the power of cavitation, permitting certain chemical reactions that would oth- erwise not be possible. In fact, he says, it is the only high shear/cavitating device currently on the market that is completely self-aspirating, allowing it to be operated without pressurised gas supply. The self- aspirating aspect, combined with the comparatively lower power draw, makes it particularly suitable

Below: The MACH REACTOR is a cavitational reactor which generates very fine pico-bubbles. Right: With no moving parts, the MACH REACTOR doesn’t need any maintenance, which translates into huge cost savings for mines.

Adrian Singh, founder and director of Gold Ore.

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