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international health organisations, industry stan- dards, local regulations and in-house subject matter expertise. “The end result is a structured COVID-19 manage- ment programme that is tailored to meet the needs of a given client. This may include screening, rapid on- site testing and vaccinations. Because of our deep experience in remote locations, we have the exper- tise with cold chain requirements and equipment to ensure successful programmes,” says Higham. Essential services The services provided by Remote Medical International, says Higham, often mean the dif- ference between life and death. “As such they consistently rank in the top 20% of essential services for mining companies. By focusing on the quality of care and services provided instead of selecting the lowest cost provider, mining companies can identify potential health and safety concerns and proactively prevent injury and potentially deaths,” he says. By building strong relationships with mining customers, the company develops an intimate understanding of their operational needs, which enables it to guide mining companies’ decisions. For example, a company may request 10 doctors, 10 nurses and three paramedics for on-site staffing. Working in a consultative manner, Remote Medical International can analyse and provide alternative solutions that include professional staffing and top- side support that elevates the quality of care but potentially reduces costs. “Equally important are the relationships we build with local communities and leaders. This enables our teams to care not only for mine employees but also for their families and the communities. For example, we may establish an advisory clinic for women’s health or other services not readily available, such as general community healthcare,” he says. As a global provider, the company has the resources to support a broad scope of care and can bring international healthcare standards to any mine site or community, from cardiac care to a baby born in difficult circumstances. “We can deliver more than simply worksite support, which is essential for min- ing operations in Africa and other parts of the world,” adds Higham. Focus areas The most common issues the company deals with in the mining sector are general medical issues, rang- ing from intestinal issues to minor injuries. These are also the most important as they, if overlooked and left untreated, can progress to major issues. “Secondly, we focus more on prevention. This includes education as well as observation. We look for potential issues like those mentioned that could become major traumas and work to mitigate them, for example, risks from falls or falling objects,

Above: Remote Medical’s Mobile Treatment Centres provide immediate on-site medical support. Left: On-site support is augmented by Remote Medical’s topside doctors.

electrical and fire hazards, dust, vehicle hazards as well as accidents and noise,” he says. At one multinational mining company, for example, the company provides emergency medi- cal services, including 24/7 medical coverage by qualified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) working out of a Remote Medical International Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC). The 4×4 MTC is stationed at the site and is stocked with the medi- cal equipment and supplies needed to perform both routine and emergency medical care. “In addition to the world-class care we deliver and our ability to be agile in responding to evolving care needs, we believe in making a sustainable difference that lasts well after a project is complete,” concludes Higham. 

Key takeaways  Remote Medical International offers comprehensive health, safety and medical support services from emergency medical treatment, complex evacuation planning, to routine health screenings  The company also offers corporate COVID-19, occupational health, risk management, staffing and assistance services  The services provided by Remote Medical International often mean the difference between life and death. As such they consistently rank in the top 20% of essential services for mining companies  Equally important are the relationships the company builds with local com- munities and leaders. This enables its teams to care not only for mine employees but also for their families and the communities

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