Modern Mining March 2023

project also offers Walkabout Resources the “opportunity to deliver a project aligned with envi ronmental, social, and governance principles – this is important given that the western world is seeking sustainably sourced graphite out side of China”.

“Once project construction is complete and production is ramped up to name-plate capac ity, we will cast an eye towards expansion opportunities. We have 175 km 2 of graphite ground under our control, and the knowledge and experience to develop another mineable resource quickly and cost-effectively.” Ripe for the picking? With graphite in high demand and prices forecast to continue rising, is the Lindi Jumbo project ripe for the picking? Cunningham confirms that “there is much talk of mergers and consolidations in industry,” and that Walkabout Resources is being courted. “If a venture is presented, it will need to make commercial sense for us to consider it,” he con cludes. 

An image of the construction crew.

Uses of graphite  Graphite has many industrial uses in lubricants, carbon brushes for electric motors, fire retardants, and steel making, to name a few.  It’s use in the lithium-ion batteries industry has been growing at over 20% per year due to the proliferation of cell phones, cameras, laptops, power tools and other hand-held devices.  While the automotive industry has traditionally used graphite for brake linings, gaskets and clutch materials, of growing importance is its use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

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