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Axis House celebrates 20 years of championing For the past 20 years, Axis House has been a staple entity in the de- velopment of cutting-edge reagent solutions in the global mining sector. Central to the company’s success over the years has been a strong focus on research and development (R&D), a customer- centric approach and continued innovation. Looking ahead, the company has a specific focus on expanding its footprint into new markets and mineralogies with a range of new technical products. MD Justine Stubbs and sales manager: Africa Gareth Heynes speak to Modern Mining’s Munesu Shoko .

A xis House, a leading supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry, celebrates 20 years of being a trusted partner to the global mining sector. Speaking to Modern Mining , MD Justine Stubbs notes the key factors behind the company’s success over the past two decades has been our continued innovation in the development of our expansive reagent range, R&D as well as an unparalleled customer-centric approach. “Axis House has managed to remain leaner than our competitors, which has allowed us to stay agile and flexible. Because of our agility, we have been able to rival some of our largest competitors in this arena, those that provide big volume production

Gareth Heynes, sales manager: Africa at Axis House.

solutions. Our competitive edge is the ability to offer quicker turnaround times and faster decision mak- ing,” says Stubbs. Research & Development At the core of Axis House’s continued innovation is R&D, with a strong focus on supplying specialised reagents for cost-effective processing of minerals in mining. “The development work starts in the laboratory,”

Acid digested samples of different metals to be used for analyses on the AAS.

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