Modern Mining October 2021

recognised immediately by the on-site provider, who initiated treatment and contacted our topside phy- sician for direction. Between the topside physician and on-site provider, multiple rounds of epinephrine were administered to the patient to stabilise the reaction and allow for transport to definitive care. Prompt recognition and aggressive treatment of a severe peanut allergy saved this man’s life that day,” says Thompson. Elsewhere, in the summer of 2021, a small com- munity outbreak of COVID-19 affected the local workforce in two waves. In mid-July, several employ- ees with household COVID-19 contacts became ill and later tested positive for the disease. These indi- viduals were identified appropriately and isolated by RMI’s on-site provider, and a larger outbreak was contained. At least two of these individuals worked in an administrative capacity and continued working remotely while maintaining isolation precautions. Several weeks later, a widespread COVID-19 outbreak within the community infected multiple employees. In response, RMI’s clinical team collab- orated with the client and employed a strategy of widespread testing and contact tracing. “We identified 15 additional positive cases over a two-week period, with contact tracing and quar- antine provided for dozens of other individuals,

including family members of affected employees. Throughout this time, there were no operational disruptions for the client, and no Remote Medical International personnel were infected. RMI’s focus during this outbreak was to maintain operations for the client by keeping their workforce safe and support overall community public health efforts,” concludes Thompson. 

Companies are strongly committed to continually evaluating their operating practices to work towards a workplace with no injuries or illnesses.

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