Modern Mining October 2021

Booyco Electronics broadens footprint with strategic collaborations South Africa-based proximity detection specialist Booyco Electronics is broadening its global reach through collaboration agreements with selected technology integrators. Solutions from Booyco Electronics, a pioneering force in proximity detection systems (PDS) and collision avoidance, have been attracting increasing international interest, says CEO Anton Lourens. The com- pany has been applying and improving its technology mainly in the mining sector for the past 15 years. “With South Africa’s mining industry in many respects leading the way in deploying collision avoidance systems, Booyco Electronics has developed world class solutions that can add value to global markets,” says Lourens. “Having explored the best ways of servicing our interna- tional customers, we have chosen a number of strategic collaborations with technology integrators across the world.” The company now has collaborations with several technology specialists worldwide including Insucam, Ramjack, RCT and Tecwise. These partners understand the safety and other benefits of Booyco Electronics’ PDS solutions, and bring their insights into the local condi- tions in which this equipment can be applied. “We believe that these technology partners – who understand our products and solutions – create the optimal channel to customers in regions where Booyco Electronics does not have its own infrastructure,” Lourens says. “These companies understand their customers’ specific needs, and can apply our solutions in the most effective manner.” He highlights that collaborative partners are expected to have high levels of expertise in related fields, a solid technical capacity to support customers, and the necessary insight and experience to implement value-adding solutions. “Their role in applying our PDS solutions would include the full scop- ing of customer needs, close engagement to clarify options, training of customers’ operators, installation of equipment and general project execution,” said Lourens. “This gives the customer confidence that our solutions will be properly leveraged to satisfy requirements.” “We appreciate the fact that new technologies like ours are easier to introduce through an existing relationship – for instance, where a mine has already been working successfully with a trusted technology integrator,” he says. “Our approach is therefore to build on those links where confidence has already been built, based particularly on the delivery of innovative solutions.” The company’s partners are therefore best placed to facilitate Booyco Electronics’ access into markets not yet familiar with PDS. 

The Booyco CXS allows end users to achieve Level 9 compliance.

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