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ABB has launched ABB Ability eMine, a portfolio of solutions that will help accel- erate the move towards a zero-carbon mine. ABB also unveiled the piloting of the ground-breaking ABB Ability eMine FastCharge, said to be the world’s fast- est and most powerful charging system, designed to interface with all makes of electric mining haul trucks. eMine comprises a portfolio of elec- trification technologies which makes the all-electric mine possible from mine to port and is integrated with digital applica- tions and services to monitor and optimise energy usage. It can electrify any mining equipment across hoisting, grinding, haul- ing and material handling. From 2022, it will include new ABB Ability eMine FastCharge which provides high-power electric charging for haul trucks and is currently in pilot phase. It also incorpo- rates the ABB Ability eMine Trolley System which can reduce diesel consumption by up to 90%, significantly lowering energy ABB Ability eMine to fast-track transition to all-electric mines

costs and environmental impact. “The global mining industry is under- going one of the most significant and important transformations of our genera- tion – and that is to become zero-carbon,” says Max Luedtke, global head of Mining at ABB. “ABB Ability eMine is an exciting milestone to help convert existing min- ing operations from fossil fuel energy to all-electric. Mines can become ever more energy efficient with vastly reduced levels of CO₂ emissions, while at the same time staying competitive and ensur- ing high productivity.” “We are celebrat ing 130

years in the mining industry and decades in the electrifica- tion of mining equipment,” adds M e h r z a d A s h n a g a r a n , global product line manager, Electrification and Composite Plant. “Today we are extending our engineering capabilities and investment to electric transport, to bring new solutions to meet the growing demand of our customers. Besides the envi- ronmental benefits, fuel price volatility, making electricity more cost competitive, and legislation are driving the move to electric- powered mines. ABB not only

ABB Ability eMine is integrated with digital applications and services to monitor and optimise energy usage.

BME wins good mining practice award in Indonesia

this contract, where we employ over 45 people, has been exemplary,” he says. “We have managed to achieve a zero recordable case rate (RCR), with no lost- time incidents (LTIs) and no environmental incidents.” This safety performance can be attrib- uted to the disciplined application of BME’s Safety for Life policies, according to Ramesh Dhoorgapersadh, BME GM for Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality (SHERQ). “The award shows that, as a multina- tional company that is well recognised in Africa, BME has the capacity to implement its good blasting practice wherever it oper- ates,” says Dhoorgapersadh. “It should also be remembered that the emulsion manufacturing plant at the mine site was commissioned at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

products and accessories into Indonesia for over a decade. Its holding company BME is a leading player in blasting services and products in Africa, with a global presence including Australia, Canada and the United States. “Government’s recognition of our high standards of operation is an important sign for the local mining industry,” he says. “This demonstrates the quality of our processes and performance, taking us another step forward in raising our com- petitiveness in this market.” He notes that the award criteria con- sidered a range of factors related to how a company managed its operation. In addi- tion to its safety focus, it also assessed each company’s staff competence, vendor management, innovation and level of local content. “BME Indonesia’s safety record on

BME Indonesia, part of South African blast- ing leader BME and the JSE-listed Omnia Group, has received a good mining practice award as the best performer in the blast- ing services category by the Indonesian government. The award was made at a special cere- mony on 29 September in Jakarta, where it was accepted by BME’s business manager Indonesia, Agusman Agusman. The com- pany earned the accolade on the strength of its performance on its full-service blast- ing contract for a coal mining customer in East Kalimantan. BME Indonesia has been active on the contract for the past two years. “This exciting award means a lot to us, especially since we began working as blasting contractors in this market only a couple of years ago,” says Agusman. BME Indonesia has been supplying explosive

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