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Fit-for-purpose wear solutions from FLSmidth Pressure on maintenance budgets coupled with the need to increase productivity while reducing unplanned downtime in the mining, quarrying and power sectors of the market presents a unique set of challenges.

One of the most obvious ways to cut costs is to look at areas in the plant where exces- sive wear is occurring and to then apply best practice wear solutions technology to address these issues. This is according to Roland da Silva, Global Product Line Manager, Wear Solutions at FLSmidth, who recently visited the company’s South African operation. Da Silva says there are many reasons for excessive wear and that it is essential to iden- tify the cause before applying a solution. “Different wear technologies cater for differ- ent causes within a plant and it is essential to apply a fit-for-purpose solution to ensure the customer will benefit from the intended increase in wear life,” da Silva says. He points to the obvious differences between wear caused by sliding abrasion and that caused by high impact. “Rubber is capa- ble of handling high energy and impact, while ceramic is best for sliding abrasion; however, there are instances where both impact and sliding abrasion occur,” he explains. The Ludoliner from FLSmidth is – he says – ideal for this scenario where there is high material flow with moderate impact forces. Waynne Martin, Product Manager Wear Solutions at FLSmidth, notes that the Ludoliner is an easy-to-fit system of bolt-on wear panels that combines the properties of alumina ceramics and rubber resulting in exceptional wear and impact resistance. The locally manufactured Ludoliner is avail- able fromFLSmidth’s Meshcape® ScreenMedia business. Typical applications of Ludoliner

Wear-Resist™ Epoxy Ceramic is simple to apply. panels include screening chutes, conveyor chutes, material deflectors, ball mill discharge chutes and transfer chutes. Another solution available from FLSmidth is its well provenWear-Resist™ Epoxy Ceramic. This cost-effective epoxy coating is claimed to be ideal where a quick hard-wearing solution is required. The product is fabricated from a propri- etary mixture of epoxy and wear resistant beads and combines the hard-wearing prop- erties of a ceramic with the flexible installation properties of epoxy. Martin says it is a proven solution in areas where sliding wear problems are common. Wear Resist™ Quick Set has a working time or pot life of approximately 15 minutes from being thoroughly mixed and will be hard cured in four hours, based on an ambient tem- perature of 23°C, whileWear-Resist™ Standard Set has a working time of approximately 30 minutes and is hard cured in eight hours. “This makes it ideal for quick equipment maintenance turnaround with a minimum of downtime,”Martin concludes. FLSmidth, tel (+27 10) 210-4820 monoxide (CO). The Smart Sensor can also accommodate other sensors with analogue outputs, such as air velocity sensors or smoke detectors. Ingress protection on the Smart Sensor exceeds IP56 and the instrument car- ries SANS IEC 60079 Part 0:2005, SANS IEC 60079 Part 11: 2007 and IEC 60529 (IP code) approvals. Also certified as EXia T4 Intrinsically Safe, the unit’s dimensions are 265 x 150 x 60 mm and it weighs 1,8 kg. Booyco Electronics, tel 0861 BOOYCO (266926)

Unique design features in gas sensor Developed to meet specific requirements for gas monitoring at fixed locations, the locally manufactured ESI Smart Sensor is said to incorporate unique design features that effectively address the shortcomings of conventional sensor instrumentation.

This unit features a localised display of sensor information. A single controller can measure 15 different gases, typically including oxygen (0 2 ), carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), flammable gases such as methane (CH 4 ) and combustible gases such as carbon

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