Modern Quarrying Q1 2023

Changing their equipment helped to eliminate surging, blinding, pegging and material contamination challenges while increasing their production by 25%. Reduce damaging vibrations A vibrating screen’s operation can have a large impact on a machine’s surroundings. The metal springs on a traditional concentric vibrating screen, for example, can be noisy to operate. This metal-to-metal, up-and-down or side-to-side movement can cause excessive noise and vibration. To resolve this problem, double eccentric technology makes use of shear rubber mounts that are strategically designed to minimise lateral movement. The rubber mounts reduce noise while maintaining smoother operation, even in extreme circumstances such as over loading, surging and starting or stopping under load. The use of eccentric technology virtually eliminates vibration in the structure - or chassis when used with portable equipment - which protects the integrity of the machine. This means producers can potentially use multiple eccentric vibrating screens in one structure, boosting productivity. A leading phosphate producer in North America - producing nearly eight million tons per year - increased screening area by 60% by transitioning to double eccentric equipment. The mine incorporates a six-storey screening plant to house multiple vibrating screens that run 24/7. Multi-storey screen houses are common in the industry but can pose structural concerns due to the vibrating screens’ size, capacity and force. Opting for double eccentric technology eliminated those concerns. Improve stratification Combining the use of advanced eccentric screening technology with the best screen media for the applica tion is a recipe for success. Specifically, polyurethane screen media can be a beneficial asset to any operation seeking to prevent blinding and pegging while improving

weights move in the opposite direction and create a force equal to what is generated by the body. As a result, the forces cancel each other out and maintain a consistent positive stroke that handles material volume spikes without losing momentum. One producer in western Canada quickly saw the benefits of switching to double eccentric screening technology when they replaced two horizontal vibrating screens with one double eccentrically driven, four-bearing inclined vibrating screen. Integrating eccentric screening technology, state-of-the-art screen media and diagnostic tools can prevent blinding, pegging, carry-over or contamination, improving screening performance, productivity and profits.



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