Modern Quarrying Q1 2023

A Sandmaster DP series sandwash plant in operation in India.

is ideal for an application where the client wants to simultaneously make two products – typically building sand and plaster sand, the first coarser and the latter finer,” says Hendricks. Hendricks explains that raw sand is fed onto the coarse side of the split deck Enduron® dewatering screen. “This sand is washed on this side of the screen with spray bars and then discharged onto the stockpile.” The finer material passes through the screen into the sump from where it is pumped by a Warman® WGR™ pump to the Cavex® hydrocyclone for ultra fines removal. Before being discharged onto the stock pile, the fine sand moves over the fines side of the split-deck Enduron® screen for dewatering. Hendricks adds that the two sand products may be blended if so required. This process involves a blending mechanism located on the discharge chutes. Cavex hydrocyclones can process higher volumes of product when compared to other cyclones of the same size.

Sand is washed on the Enduron dewatering screen where finer materials pass through the screen.

Weir Minerals makes use of Linatex rubber lining on all wear components to ensure a better wear life.



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