Sparks Electrical News March 2023



The benefits of day/night bulbs and day/night sensors T he rising cost of electricity has South Africans looking for savvy solutions to save money when illuminating their homes. Day/night light bulbs and day/night sensors are proving to be one of the leading ways of keeping costs down, but saving on electricity is just one of the many benefits they offer. The functionality of day/night sensitivity: • Makes arriving home late at night safer. • Gives the impression that your house is occupied when it’s not (especially handy during the holiday season). • Eliminates the risk of forgetting to switch off lights in the morning before you leave home for work. • Gives you one less thing to think about in the evenings. Day/night bulbs and sensors contain an integrated photocell that registers the brightness of daylight and

activates when the level of light reaches the preset level. When darkness falls, an electrical current begins to flow, and the light automatically turns on. But this doesn’t mean you should be concerned about clouds, car lights, and lighting, which can all cause brief changes in lighting levels. The sensor is programmed to check for false light levels and will not be activated by them. Keep in mind that while a day/night bulb can simply be installed like a normal light bulb, day/night sensors will require wiring. European design with Chinese efficiency comes to SA Neko Lighting provides high quality as well as efficient LED-lighting solutions at a very competitive price/performance ratio since 2013. By uniting European thinking and Chinese efficiency Neko created its corporate philosophy “Think Design”. Neko is owned by Sven Speissegger (Switzerland), who has a long track record and extensive know-how in the lighting market. Neko, with its registered and head office in Switzerland, owns a production facility as well as a coating plant in China. The corporation runs Neko owned offices in Germany, France, Great Britain, North America/Canada, Beijing and Shanghai. Neko lights are exclusively sold via a distributor network in more than 90 countries worldwide. Recently ELDC was honoured by a visit from Sven Speissegger, owner of Neko Lighting, who visited its Cape Town showroom and brought them up-to-date on all the new developments at Neko. Together we set out the sales strategy for the South African market. An official launch event will be announced soon. Enquiries:



MARCH 2023

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