Capital Equipment News April 2019


connected to their fleets with the UD Trucks Telematics System, which comes as standard on all Kuzer units. This includes fuel advice services where UD Trucks can analyse driving behaviour and help truck drivers improve their driving and subsequently reduce a fleet’s fuel costs. Uptime in mind A durable and reliable engine is a key factor in the Kuzer securing maximum uptime. A new generation Advance technology CRS engine system delivers on this promise, even when regularly pushed to its limits. “CRS engine is robust and flexible, delivering high power and torque. OBD with guided tools and CAN-based communication facilitate the transfer of diagnostic information. Modern 3.0 Engine Management System makes serviceability simpler and uptime easier to maximise,” says Schulz. Uptime is further guaranteed by UD Trucks Mobile Workshop that supports businesses by bringing service to the customer’s location if needed. UD Trucks Telematics Systems also include innovative geofencing technology to identify and set the fastest routes for drivers, saving customers time and money. Additional features include Vehicle

Truck owners can expect up to 10% fuel efficiency compared with the previous range.

better fuel efficiency than other HCV trucks on the market. Optimised gear ratios and an advanced fuel injection system utilise the latest Japanese technology and make for a smart and innovative business investment. “The optimised engine delivers higher RPM than a normal two-valve engine, enabling better engine breathing and fuel savings. The high power and torque guarantee power and control in rough and steep road conditions,” explains Schulz. The Kuzer also packs a load of innovative fuel-efficient functions. An aerodynamically designed cab facilitates lower fuel consumption, while a smart instrument cluster allows the drivers to hone their driving skills to benefit the owner’s pocket. The Kuzer’s design solutions are aimed at encouraging better driving behaviour and protection of fuel assets. “Ultimately, the integrated fuel coaching system is key to fuel efficient driving, as it continually prompts drivers to drive in the optimal ‘green band’ for best performance and efficiency,” explains Schulz. Fleet owners can always stay

“We believe in putting people first. That’s why these driver-focused features were included in Kuzer to improve visibility and ventilation, enhance collision safety and reduce driver fatigue as much as possible.”

Gert Swanepoel, MD of UD Trucks Southern Africa

“Distribution can be a tough shift. With the usual list of deadlines and appointments to clear, the cab can become more than a second home. At 2,1 m, the Kuzer cab expands the driver’s working horizons.”

Rory Schulz, marketing director at UD Trucks Southern Africa


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